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Please support DECTweb

DECTweb is intended to provide a service to the wireless telecommunications industry and related academic institutions.   Your active support enables us to improve and develop the site and services offered. 

You can support DECTweb in any of the following ways:

* Tell your colleagues at work the DECTweb URL
   Why not e-mail it to your friends in the industry - let them see for themselves ?

* E-mail us details of new DECT information on the Web that you come across for inclusion

* E-mail us with news of DECT related products, services, events, publications, R&D, trials or commercial deployments, case studies, etc from your own or other companies for inclusion. 
If it's DECT, if you know about it and it's not yet on DECTweb - then PLEASE tell us  !!

* If you write magazine articles, give conference talks, etc, about telecommunications please tell people about the DECTweb URL or write an article for our Features Section 

* Tell a friend about DECTweb   - if you've found it useful, chances are your industry friends & colleagues will too

* Sponsor a page - DECTweb DECTweb DECTweb provides a forum through which commercial organisations may wish to promote their DECT-related events, products or services to the DECT community.  At present a limited degree of sponsorship of individual relevant pages is being accepted. 

* If you've read this far it's probably because you realise that the success of DECTweb is benefiting all of us in DECT industry.  And you've probably thought of ways of helping DECTweb that we've not !  If so please let us know....



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