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Promote Your Company via DECTweb

For over 5 years DECTweb has been the de facto online resource for the industry
#1 in the search engines for 'DECT', >1000 page views per day, ~2000 members worldwide

As a company involved in the DECT Industry you are probably already aware of the information and community provided by DECTweb.  You may however be unaware of the opportunities provided by DECTweb to promote your company, extremely cost-effectively, to other parts of the value chain, as a mechanism to source new products or access new customers or markets.  These services are provided as part of  DECTweb 's mission to support industry growth and development.  

Early sponsors of DECTweb have grown to become major players in the DECT industry - such companies have included suppliers of chipsets (eg National Semiconductors, Philips), technology (eg RTX Telecom, Inventel (now acquired by Thomson)) as well as end products (eg Binatone, Kirk, Siemens).  Whilst DECTweb cannot claim responsibility for their success, we may have played a small part.  Such companies - small and large - have seen value in promoting their brand via DECTweb, which has become a household name in the DECT industry (and tops the search engines for 'DECT').  You can see our 2004 traffic statistics on the third page (step 3 below) 

Specific Benefits

  • Promote your brand to the global marketplace and across the value chain

  • Make connections with complementary companies across the DECT industry

  • Banner at the top of the page or area that your company chooses to sponsor 

  • Lead forwarding, from potential customers who contact DECTweb with specific puchasing requirements

  • Direct 'Mailto:' links can be included on your sponsored page(s)

  • Ability to submit features on your company's products/services for inclusion on the website

  • Enhanced detailed listings of your company's products/services 

  • Exclusive e-Newsletter and/or community mailing sponsorship opportunities

  • Retention priority of your chosen product pages in future years

  • Extra focus on your company throughout the DECTweb website

As well as the above benefits, your financial support  enables us to maintain DECTweb as a service to the DECT industry, an information service and industry resource valued and used by staff in your own company. You will also receive preferential pricing on the DECT Industry Report should you purchase a copy, or should you wish to upgrade to a multi-user or corporate license.

Pricing Options ?   We offer three options - Gold, Silver and Bronze - at 2500, 1500 and 750 respectively.  Pricing is intentionally structured to allow access for small players as well as larger companies to reach out to build new relationships and business across the industry. Full details may be found by clicking step 2 below.

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