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Wireless Telecommunications Information & Services

WTIS Ltd brings together specialist knowledge and experience of the wireless telecommunications industry with leading edge Internet tools and capabilities.  WTIS was founded by Dr Walter Tuttlebee, one of the pioneers of the cordless telecommunications industry and editor of the standard text "Cordless Telecommunications Worldwide".  Walter is a respected conference speaker and has chaired many industry congresses and sessions on both DECT and Bluetooth and was the initiator of the Wiley book series on Software Defined Radio.   WTIS websites are managed and maintained on a day to day basis by David Tuttlebee, recipient of the 2001 IT faculty award from Peter Symonds College, Winchester, UK.

WTIS aims to develop community, thereby creating a pool of information not otherwise readily available.  It also aims to create mechanisms not simply to locate information, but to translate that information into market knowledge and understanding, enabling our Bluetoothweb apply the above principles, offering readily accessible services for the benefit of the global wireless industry aimed at accelerating industry development .

WTIS operates as a very lean organisation, not aiming to make huge profits, but rather to provide a free, yet self-sustaining, service, primarily supported by industry sponsorship.  WTIS offers sponsorship opportunities to companies who wish to promote their companies cost effectively, and in a highly targeted manner, to members of and visitors to our industry communities.  These presently include DECTweb and Bluetoothweb. WTIS also undertakes commissions from companies in the wireless industry wishing to build their own user communities, focused around their own technology or product fields. Specific studies or information searches on topics or technologies within wireless telecommunications may also be considered. WTIS also offers related website hosting and development, as seen, for example, on DECTweb with the hosting and maintenance of the DECT Forum web site. 

Please enquire if you have a specific requirement that you think WTIS may be able to help you with.

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