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Contributors' Biographical Details

Many of the contributors to Cordless Telecommunications Worldwide are key figures who have pioneered the development of both the technologies and markets of unlicensed PCS in Europe, North America and Asia over the past decade...

Photograph courtesy of Richard Lambley, Land Mobile Magazine

Dag Akerberg

Ericsson Radio Systems, Sweden

Dag Åkerberg has been, and continues to be, a pioneer and statesman of cordless technology. He joined Ericsson in 1971, after obtaining his Dr Sc (Tekn Lic) from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and, till 1984, was technical manager for Paging Systems development. During the 1980's his main activities were studies, specifications and international standardisation work related to wireless office communications, in particular relating to DECT. Between 1989 and 1991 he was seconded to ETSI as part of the Project Team 10 supporting the specification of the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) system. During the 1990's, in response to the PCS initiative in North America, he has helped formulate the DECT-based PWT standards, in addition to continuing to play an important role in the further development of the DECT standards, as chairman of the ETSI RES 03 Radio and Speech Experts Group.

Gary Boudreau

Nortel, Canada

Gary Boudreau obtained a B.A.Sc. in electrical engineering from the University of Ottawa in 1982, a M.Sc. in electrical engineering from Queens University in 1984 and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Carleton University in 1989. He has over 10 years of industrial experience in satellite and mobile communications systems. He has worked on the development of indoor wireless PBX systems and most recently was the editor for the development of the PCI standard. Currently he is with the wireless division of Nortel in Ottawa, Canada, and leads an advanced technology development team. His current interests include modulation, coding, digital signal processing and CDMA.

Andrew Bud

Azlan, UK

Andrew Bud is Director of Strategic Marketing for the UK IT company Azlan. He was previously responsible for network technology planning in Olivetti Telemedia, Olivetti's public fixed operator. Before that, he founded and ran Olivetti's DECT product business, based on its Net3 wireless LAN. He authored the technical chapters of Omnitel's winning bid for the second GSM licence in Italy. He joined Olivetti in 1988 from PA Technology in Cambridge, England, where he had been centrally involved in the invention and development of the Ferranti Zonephone CT2 system. A Member of the IEE, he has a first class honours degree in Engineering from the University of Cambridge. He holds a number of patents in the area of cordless telephones. Andrew was a pioneer of DECT. From 1988 to 1992 he chaired the ETSI RES 03 Network subcommittee, which designed DECT's network layer . Since 1993 he has been chairman of the Data working party, creating standards for multi-media services.

Hermann Bustamente

Stanford Telecom, USA

Herman Bustamante is a Technical Director at Stanford Telecom's Wireless and Cable Products Division in California. He is one of the key inventors of Stanford Telecom's Orthogonal CDMA (O-CDMA) patent and several other related patents pending. He has also served as the Chair of the O-CDMA Standard Subgroup of TIA TR41.6, Wireless User Premises Equipment. Herman has close to 40 years of experience in design and development of wireless and satellite communications systems. His recent effort has focused on PCS, Wireless Local Loop, Wireless LAN, and Wireless Cable. He joined Stanford Telecom 1974 and received his BSEE (1956) from University of California at Berkeley and MSEE (1964) from University of Santa Clara, California.

Ed Candy

Simoco, UK

Ed Candy is a Director with Simoco, a company involved in the development of digital PMR products to the new ETSI TETRA standard. He was elected Chairman of the UMTS Forum whilst Director of Technology for Orange, the UK PCN operation of Hutchison, his previous role. Previously he was Technical and Operations Director of BYPS, where he oversaw the conception, implementation and conclusion of the 'Rabbit' Telepoint business in the UK. As Corporate Technology Manager for Philips Radio Communication Systems, he was responsible for establishing the original CEC collaborative research programme into UMTS, RACE Mobile.

Horen Chen

Stanford Telecom, USA

Dr Horen Chen is Vice President of Wireless Broadband Products at Stanford Telecom, California, responsible for planning, design, development, production and sales of advanced wireless broadband products. He has also recently served as Chairperson of DAVIC's Wireless Delivery Systems Subgroup. He joined Stanford Telecom in 1975 and has held design and system engineering responsibilities for Unlicensed PCS, Cordless Telephony, Wireless PBX and Wireless Local Loop systems using Stanford Telecom-patented Orthogonal CDMA technology . Dr. Chen received his B.S.(1970) in Telecommunications Engineering from National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, M.S.E.E.(1972) from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Ph.D.(1976) in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Dominic Clancy

Philips Semiconductors, Switzerland

Dominic Clancy is currently International Product Marketing Manager with Philips Semconductors, having previously held several senior level positions in both consulting and manufacturing industry in the mobile telecommunications field, especially cordless. He wrote the first study into cordless telephony markets, both digital and analogue in 1987. He has worked with the European Commission and has been actively involved in various watershed developments such as the ETSI strategic review of mobile communications and the PCN licence applications in the UK. He has an MBA from Bradford University and a BA in Philosophy from the University of Liverpool.

Graham Crisp


Graham Crisp has held a variety of posts concerned with the development and evolution of public, private and mobile telecommunication networks and systems' architectures. Since 1988, he has worked for GPT's Central (Corporate) Engineering Research function. As a senior consultant, he has a special responsibility for telecommunication network evolution and mobile services. Among other tasks during this period with GPT, he has been responsible for a number of research projects related to second and third generation mobile telecommunication systems. He chaired the ETSI committee responsible for the standardisation of data and telematic services for the GSM System. As part of Graham's current responsibilities, his services are provided by GPT to manage the ETSI Cordless Terminal Mobility (CTM) Project.

Phil Crookes

AT Kearney, UK

Phil Crookes is a Consultant with AT Kearney who specialises in the marketing of telecommunications solutions, particularly in mobile and cordless markets. His 10 years experience includes positions in PABX sales and marketing and consultancy to users considering the implementation of cordless PABX systems. He previously worked for PA Consulting where he undertook many marketing consultancy assignments in the cordless and mobile market, including a pathfinder study on DECT for the Commission of the European Community.

Robert Harrison

PA Consulting, UK

Robert Harrison is a Managing Consultant with PA Consulting Group which he joined from the IT and telecommunications industry. His work in the industry included sales, marketing and engineering in the PBX sector, and since joining PA he has worked with many of the major players in the telecommunications industry advising on market developments, and developing market and business strategies. He led the study on DECT for the European Commission, and he was the author of the report, 'Study of the International Competitiveness of the UK Telecommunications Infrastructure', published earlier this year by the UK Department of Trade and Industry.

Peter Hulbert

Roke Manor Research, UK

Peter Hulbert, CEng, MIEE, received his BSc in Electronic Engineering in 1974 and joined Roke Manor Research in 1975. Currently a Consultant within the Radio Communications business unit, he has contributed over a very wide technical base to numerous research and development programmes. Specifically, he was responsible for leading the Cordless Telephone research team at Roke Manor during the period 1982 to 1988. During the 1990's he has contributed significantly to the development of Roke Manor's advanced CDMA technology, holding several patents in this field. He has published many technical papers and holds over 30 patents; in 1996 he was awarded a Siemens Inventor of the Year award.

Javier Magaña

Advanced Micro Devices, USA

Javier Magana is currently Member of Technical Staff in the Communication Products Division at the Austin, Texas, site of Advanced Micro Devices where he is working on radio architectures for digital cordless products for the European and North American markets. He was previously involved in digital cordless systems silicon design and definition.

Neil Montefiore

MobileOne, Singapore

Before his appointment as Chief Executive Officer of MobileOne Singapore, Neil Montefiore was the Director, Mobile Services, at Hong Kong Telecom CSL Limited, the largest cellular operator in Hong Kong. Prior to this he was Managing Director of Chevalier (Telepoint), Hong Kong, from 1991 until 1995.Between 1976 and 1983 Mr Montefiore held various marketing and engineering management positions with Cable and Wireless, based in Hong Kong, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UK. In 1983 he joined Cable and Wireless Systems Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cable and Wireless plc specialising in telecommunication products, projects and services in Hong Kong and the Far East region and was appointed as Chief Executive in 1987. In 1989 he returned to the UK as Managing Director of Paknet Ltd, a joint venture owned by Cable and Wireless plc and Vodafone plc which developed and launched the world's first public packet radio data network. Prior to his move to Singapore he was President of the Mobile Services Group of the Hong Kong Telecommunications Association, a member of the Hong Kong Government Telecommunications Standard Advisory Committee and a member of the Hong Kong Government Telecommunications Numbering Advisory Committee.

Yasuaki Mori

Advanced Micro Devices, USA

Yasuaki Mori is currently Marketing Manager for Wireless products for Advanced Micro Devices in Geneva, Switzerland. In this role he was, amongstothers, responsible for establishing various partnerships with major players in the digital cordless arena in Europe and Asia. He has held various strategic marketing and sales posts in the US, Japan and Europe. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Masters in International Affairs/Business from Columbia University, New York, USA.

Anthony Noerpel

Hughes Network Systems, USA

Anthony R Noerpel is an Advisory Engineer at Hughes Network Systems in Germantown, Maryland, USA. He currently works on PCS and Mobile Satellite projects involving antennas, propagation and system design. He formerly worked at Bellcore as a Senior Research Scientist where he was instrumental in the PACS and PACS-UB standards development and where he led the development of the higher layer protocols for PACS. He has several patents and publications in areas ranging from antenna structures and multimode couplers to system design issues such as handover and multi-system interoperability. He has an MS degree in Electrical Engineering for New Jersey Institute of Technology and a BA in Mathematics from Rutgers University.

Heinz Ochsner

Ochsner MTC Mobile Telecommunications Consulting, Switzerland

Please visit Heinz's website

Heinz Ochsner received his Dr Sc Techn (Doctor of Technical Science) degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in 1987. His thesis covered aspects of the use of spread spectrum techniques in mobile radio. Since 1987 he was with Ascom Autophon AG in Solothurn where he was responsible for system studies for mobile radio and cordless telecommunication systems. In this capacity he was the Swiss representative in the CEPT/GSM Permanent Nucleus during 1987-88. late 1980's and early 1990s he undertook similar responsibilities in the field of cordless telecommunications, being responsible for contacts with potential cooperation partners, competitors, EC authorities, European industry associations, etc. This included a period chairing the ETSI RES 03 R committee which developed the DECT standard. Between 1992-93 he was a consultant and project manager with Ascom Systems for Information Technology and Communications, prior to establishing his own business offering consultancy services in the specific field of mobile communications.

Peter Olanders

Ericsson, Sweden

Dr Peter Olanders joined Ericsson in 1996 from Telia Research, previously Televerket. At Televerket he headed a group in development of land mobile radio, which focused on cordless communications, including CT2, CT3, DECT and later on radio based LANs. The group developed into a section, and was transerred to Telia Research at its creation in 1991. Dr Olanders was appointed as chairman of the ETSI RES 03 PAV (Public Access Validation) working party in 1991, as the chairman of RES 03 in 1992, a chair he is still holding. When ETSI decided to create a specific DECT project, Dr Olanders was appointed as the Project Manager. In 1994 he initiated the DECT Operators Group, of which he became the first chairman.

Annette Ottolini

Greenpoint, Netherlands

Annette Ottolini works for Netherlands PTT Telecom where she has had responsibility for marketing the Dutch Greenpoint CT2-based telepoint service.

Frank Owen

Philips, Austria

Frank Owen has been active for the last ten years in the design and product development of digital cordless telephony and associated systems. From a period of initial research and pre-development on the DECT system he was appointed international project manager for the range of private and public DECT products available from Philips, including residential systems, cordless PBX and wireless local loop installations. He was responsible or organising the technical contribution to one of the winning Telepoint bids in the UK. During 1991 and 1992 he served as chairman of the ETSI working committee responsible for the DECT radio interface specification under RES3. Frank is now responsible for product creation and marketing of facsimile products with Philips Business Electronics. Part of the product portfolio includes facsimile machines for personal use, once again integrated with cordless telephony systems.

Marc Pauwels

Belgacom, Belgium

Marc Pauwels studied ellectronics and process control at the university of Gent, receiving his Civil Engineering degree in 1985. He joined RTT in 1989 as a technical product manager for terminal equipment, based at their headquarters in Brussels. In 1990 he assumed technical responsibility for the telepoint Citel pilot project in Brussels, overseeing its implementation and operation. Since the reorganisation of Belgacom in 1995 he is currently responsible for the management systems in the payphone division.

William H Scales, Jr

Panasonic, USA

Mr. Scales received MSEE and BSEE degrees from North Carolina State University in 1988 and 1984, respectively. Since 1995, he has been with Matsushita Communications (Panasonic) in Alpharetta, GA where is a Staff Engineer responsible for the systems design and development of PCS products. During the past 2 years, he has actively participated in industry standards bodies for the PACS air interface. Previously, Mr. Scales held various design and manufacturing positions with Hitachi Telecom, Texas Instruments, and ITT Telecom.

J Neal Smith

Omnipoint Technologies, USA

J. Neal Smith graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a BSc in Electrical Engineering in 1981 and from Ashland University with an MBA degree in 1985. Neal worked for 10 years for United Telephone of Ohio across a wide range of fixed and cellular telecommunications activities. In 1991, Neal became Manager of Architecture & Strategic Planning, suppporting Sprint's Local Telecommunications Division by developing central office switching, transport, AIN, and PCS technology platform plans. Neal subsequently began developing PCS technology deployment plans as one of the original members of the Wireless Business Development group within Sprint's Cellular Wireless Division (which eventually became Sprint Telecommunications Venture) where he managed the trial of unlicensed in-building cordless technologies (CT2, DECT, and other technologies). Neal joined Omnipoint Corporation in 1994 where his initial work involved developing and getting approval, for the US PCS standard IS-661, for Omnipoint's technology. He subsequently has been leading efforts for product and business development for PCS based wireless local loop and cordless terminal mobility products based on IS-661 technology in the licensed and unlicensed bands.

Richard Steedman

PMC-Sierra, Canada

Richard Steedman received a BSc (Hons) degree in Computer Science and Electronics from Edinburgh University in 1985. After graduating, he joined the VLSI design group at Roke Manor Research where he designed a number of semi-custom ICs for military and civil applications and undertook associated studies and feasibility demonstrations. Richard contributed to the development of a CAI compatible CT2 product and, as part of that activity, sat on the Technical Working Group which produced the CT2 CAI standard, MPT 1375. From 1990 to 1991, he served on the ETSI RES 3R Working Group (DECT radio interface). Richard is currently a senior product designer with PMC-Sierra Inc, a manufacturer of broadband networking semi-conductors.

Robert S Swain

RSS Telecom, UK

Bob Swain, CEng, MIEE, operates his own consultancy in the field of mobile communications, where recent assignments have included supporting the European Commission in their UMTS Task Force and ACTS Mobile activities. Previously Head of the Personal Radio Systems Section of British Telecom's Martlesham Research Station, Bob was responsible for pioneering digital cordless communications systems research and development within BT throughout the 1980's. This work involved extensive propagation and system studies and contributed significantly to the UK digital CT2 Common Air Interface standard. Following this activity, he served as chairman of the ETSI RES 03 services definition and authentication working group for DECT. Bob was awarded the prestigious Martlesham Medal by British Telecom in recognition of his outstanding contributions in the field of cordless telecommunications.had close involvement over many years with the personal mobile communications work of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), the Conference of European Posts and Telecommunications (CEPT) and the European Conference of Telecommunication Manufacturers' Associations (ECTEL).

Yuichiro "Tuck" Takagawa

NTT, Japan

Yuichiro Takagawa is currently Executive Manager in Networked Multimedia Services with the NTT Multimedia Business Department. He was a pioneer of Cordless Telephone System development in NTT's Customer Premises Equipment Department from 1986-1989, where he was responsible for development of a single line cordless system, a home telephone cordless system and a small key telephone cordless system, as well as a special cordless system for golf course usage. His areas of expertise include ISDN, CPE products and wireless systems.

Julian Trinder

Roke Manor Research, UK

Julian Trinder, MA, C.Eng, MIEE, MIOA, received an honours degree in Physics from Oxford in 1971. This was followed by a six year period of voice communications research with Plessey. He then worked for the UK Medical Research Council Institute of Hearing Research in the field of speech signal processing followed by a change to radio communications research with Multitone Electronics. During this latter period Julian worked within the ESPA cordless telephone working groups, towards TDMA digital cordless telephony and developed a CDMA cordless telephone demonstrator as part of a joint venture with Mitel. After joining Roke Manor as a senior consultant in 1987 Julian was a significant contributor in the UK CT2 CAI Working Groups dealing with radio and speech aspects, also undertaking theoretical and hardware studies leading to the development of one of the early CT2 CAI products. Recent activities have included speech aspects of PCS1900 and CDMA wireless local loop developments. Julian is the author of numerous papers and holds several patents, including ones relating to cordless telephony.

Diane Trivett

Dataquest Europe, UK

Diane Trivett is employed as an Industry Analyst by Dataquest Europe, where she has joint responsibility for the Telephones and PBX programmes. Diane is responsible for tracking market dynamics including developments, emerging technologies, company activities and pricing issues across Europe for both the Voice programme and consulting projects. These have included research and analysis of PBX and voice terminal manufacturers and their products and a focus report on cordless telephony, including market sizing and forecasts for handsets, base stations and systems; pricing trends; and vendor strategies. Prior to joining Dataquest, Diane was employed by Datapro International as the Managing Analyst of the International Communications Equipment service, for which she covered all areas of the Voice and Mobile industries. Prior to this position, Diane worked as a Market Analyst for GPT.

Walter Tuttlebee

Roke Manor Research, UK

Walter Tuttlebee is currently employed as Business Development Manager for the Radio Communications Business Unit of Roke Manor Research, a Siemens company, where he has pioneered recent initiatives in satellite radio and digital broadcast. During the 1980's Walter was responsible for a range of early R&D in the digital cordless field, including the Roke Manor CT2 and DECT activities during the research, standardisation and pre-development phases. In the 1990's Roke Manor Research has undertaken extensive product development work in DECT for domestic, business, wireless local loop and other markets. During this time Walter has maintained his technical involvements with personal communications with consultancy assignments in this field relating to DECT, PWT, UMTS etc. Walter is a frequent conference speaker on DECT and related topics and has regularly chaired the annual DECT World Congress organised by IBC. His first book, Cordless Telecommunications in Europe, became a standard reference work after its publication in 1990. Walter is a Senior Member of the IEEE and a Fellow of the IEE; as well as BSc and PhD degrees, Walter holds a Masters in Business Administration, MBA, gained from Cranfield University in 1992.

Margareta Zanichelli

Telia Research, Sweden

Margareta Zanichelli is a project manager at Telia Research AB in Sweden, in the Communications Systems Division. She has a Master of Science degree in Electronical Engineering and has since 1990 been working with development of radio access systems at Telia. Since 1992 her special field has been radio in the local loop, with a focus on developing and trialing short range communications systems. Internationally she has been working with radio in the local loop in ETSI RES 03 and in EURESCOM, where she has been the task leader of a group dealing with these issues.

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