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Speech Coders and
Other Silicon Intellectual Property
For companies seeking to enter the DECT market, the following companies offer intellectual property suitable for embodiment as ASICs and FPGAs

Adelante Technologies 
(formed from
Frontier Design & Philips Semiconductors DSP)
Company website
Adelante was fomed from the merger of Frontier Design and the DSP activities of Philips Semicondcutors in June 2001.
Frontier Design has a portfolio of semiconductor IP / ASIC offering relevant to DECT:
* LU7 compliant Reed Solomon codec for data over dect applications (Verilog/VHDL)
* ADPCM codec in HDL (verilog/vhdl)
* Speech recognition
* Voice dailing ASIC suitable to allow DECT manufacterers to add voice dialling to a DECT handset.
* Voice dailing solution running on the embedded processor in a DECT phone - currently they support the National Semiconductor "Compact RISC CR16b" processor.

Amphion (formerly Integrated Silicon Systems)
“Virtual Components for the Converging World”™
Company website
Amphion is the leading supplier of application-specific semiconductor IP cores for SoC, ASIC and FPGA for wireless and broadband communications applications, including high performance kilo-channel speech coder solutions for toll-quality voice telephony compression. Amphion’s range of standard product IP cores for DECT and telecommunications applications includes ITU compliant ADPCM Codecs for ASIC, Xilinx Virtex & Spartan series FPGA, and Altera APEX 20K & ACEX series SRAM PLDs. 
Amphion is a full member of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) 

Amphion CS4100 series ADPCM Codecs
A range of 8- to 2048-ch ADPCM Codec IP core solutions for ASIC and FPGA
CS4110  8-channel duplex
CS4120  32-channel duplex
CS4125  64-channel duplex
CS4130  128-channel duplex (ASIC only)
CS4180  up to 1024-ch-simplex (for Xilinx Virtex-II with dual port RAM)
CS4190  up to 2048-ch simplex (for ASIC with single port RAM)

You can download datasheets from their website

The CS4100 series of application-specific IP cores for Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation (ADPCMs) purposes in high-performance speech compression and decompression applications. Fully compliant with ITU G.726, G.726a, G.727 and G.727a standards, the CS4100 series supports up to 1024 duplex channels (or 2048 simplex channels): each channel is independently selectable for encoding or decoding. Handcrafted by Amphion for optimal performance, minimal power consumption and silicon area. Available in targeted-netlist formats for both ASIC and programmable logic devices.

G.726, G.726a, G.727 and G.727a compliant
Continuous or burst data processing modes (for VoIP applications)

        DECT basestation, exchange
        Multi-channel call recording/logging

For more information on these and other application-specific IP cores for Speech Coding e-mail

Company Website  
A fabless IC design company, based in Malaysia, specialized in mixed-signal IC design. ASIC design, full custom, semi-custom, standard cell based, systems on a chip SOC), hard and soft IP transfers, digital, analog and mixed signal, RF capabilities. SiRES offer cost effective IC Design as well as IP development services in CMOS technology.   Samples of hard IP transfer work include 1394, RSA, Sigma-Delta Modulator, Neural-net engines, fibre optic preamplifier, etc


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