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DECT Technology - How it Works

DECT products have today been widely accepted throughout the world for domestic, business,  industrial and wireless local loop applications.   New applications continue to emerge.

An excellent, detailed, introductory overview of DECT technology compiled by Heinz Ochsner, secretary of the DECT Forum, is available from the Forum's website.   This comprehensive document, may be downloaded from their website in Adobe Acrobat 3.0 format. 

In addition, you may download a 1992 article published in IEEE Communications Magazine - we thank the IEEE for providing us with this article for inclusion on DECTweb:
      "Cordless Personal Communications" by W Tuttlebee  - click here to download pdf file    
Whilst some of the market data included in this article have clearly been overtaken by events (eg the sales volumes of DECT have exceeeded predictions at that time, whilst CT2 has effectively disappeared), nonetheless the technology aspects described are still valid.

For more technical detail we recommend "Cordless Telecommunications Worldwide"edited by Walter Tuttlebee, which includes chapters by Ochsner, Olanders and many other key industry pioneers and well-known DECT conference speakers.

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