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Wireless Phone Extensions

Please e-mail us with details of any companies that manufacture Wireless Phone Extensions using DECT, for inclusion on this page.    Thanks.

Company website, or you may prefer the English version, if you cannot read the Cyrillic script !

Cordless Terminal Adapter - CTA - the Taroussa - based on DECT, allows ordinary wired phones to be connected wirelessly over a DECT link

Company website
INVENTEL is a French based design house and manufacturer of radiocommunication.

Airplug is a DECT wireless telephone socket. The Airplug allows the use of different telephone terminals in places where it is impossible to route a normal wired  phone socket. The product is intended for both consumers and professionals.  It can be used with DECT PBX or private DECT phone with fax, payment terminals, set top box, answering machines or low speed modems. It is GAP compatible. Click here for a PDF file on the product.

At present, Inventel is looking for distributors for the Airplug, please contact them if your interested .   

Lake Communications
Company website
Lake produces a combination cordless phone and data modem device allowing PC Internet connection.  Based on

Lake's wireless networking product supports DECT (GAP and A/B2 profiles).  A single Controller can support up to 16 wireless devices, of which up to 12 can be "on-air" (i.e.talking, sending or receiving) at any one time.

See details of their Airway product, launched with BT in London in July 2000.
Airway product brochure

Lake's White Paper on the Network Home

Multimedia Network Computer MNC
Company website

Wireless modem - the WIMO - launched December 2001
The modem is divide in two units :   
 - The mobile unit will be connected to the computer via the USB port (WIN98,Me,2000 & XP)
 - The base unit will be connected to the phone line and to the power supply DC adaptor
The WIMO is a standard V90 modem and will be compatible with the V92.

Company website
The market leader in DECT residential cordless telephones, with a claimed market share of 25% in 2000 (source Nagel:  DECT 2001 conference), Siemens was one of the early players in DECT, with the first DECT telephone product to secure type approval at the end of 1992.

Want a phone socket anywhere in the house ?  The Gigaset 1000TAE  Telephone Adapter Equipment is a GAP compatible voice/data/fax analogue line adapter that communicates with any GAP compatible DECT basestation, allowing for example a fax or PC/modem to connect to the telephone network from anywhere in the house or office without wires.

Details of the whole Gigaset DECT range can be searched via the Siemens website.

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