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Data & ISDN Products
PC Cards, Cordless Phone Sockets for modems, ISDN access etc

Listed below, alphabetically by manufacturer, is a compilation of DECT data and ISDN products, variously targeted at residential, SOHO and office markets.  Fuller details may be found by clicking on the hyperlinks to go the original source material. Unfortunately we're not yet comprehensive.  If you know of a manufacturer or product we've left out, please send us details so we can improve this area. Thanks

General business ISDN DECT systems may be found on the Business Systems page - here we generally focus on ISDN data accessories.  The boundary is a little fuzzy, since ISDN is designed to support both voice and data services in an integrated manner, so do also have a look on that page.

Multimedia and Home Networking is also a separate emerging market - you may want to check out that page too.

Some good articles on DECT data applications may be found in the February 1998 DECT Forum Newsletter on the following:
* DECT Data Services
* Virtual Cable
* Wireless Internet
You can find the link to the DECT Forum Newsletters on our Global Page - click here

DECT data modem - cordless data link, up to 28.8 kb/s, 8 links per basestation - available end 1998

Company Website
Bithium is a company focused on wireless communications. The company has strong experience in DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications), being among the first to develop and deliver DECT based data communication solutions back in 1998

USB DECT wireless modem is based on their DPRS/DMAP stack. It enables end-users to easily browse the web on their PCs no matter where they stand and if there is a telephone line there or not.   

PCMCIA DECT wireless modem is based on their DPRS/DMAP stack. It enables laptop and notebook users to browse the web at home or in the office.

Dosch & Amand
Company website
Listed on the Multimedia and Home Networking Page

Hoeft & Wessel
Company website
Also see their data-unwired range
Download a full overview of their data-unwired range (pdf)

HW 8614/US FHSS wireless Ethernet Basestation for details see:
Technical data, Data sheet pdf (80K).

HW 8612/US FHSS wireless RS-232 port for details see:
Technical data, Data sheet pdf (87K), User Manual Cordless Twin Port Version 1.04 pdf (1142K).

HW 8617/US FHSS wireless USB port for details see:
Technical data, Data sheet pdf (83K).

HW 8622/US FHSS wireless analogue modem for details see:
Technical data, Data sheet pdf (95K).

HW 8660/US FHSS DataGate for details see:
Technical data, Data sheet pdf (103K).

HW 86920 FHSS Evaluation Kit is a development environment for FHSS transceiver modules of type HW 86020 as low power frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) device. It contains all necessary hard- and software components for setting up a data communication between two PCs (not included) for configuration and testing purposes of HW 86020. For details see: 
Integration Manual Version 1.21 pdf (821K), Firmware Manual Version 1.02 pdf (585K), Software Manual DECT Evaluation Pilot Version 2.01 pdf (605K).

H&W provide a comprehensive range of 1.88 and 2.4 GHz DECT-based data networking  products, called their  DataUnwired range. Two radio standards are supported. The DataUnwired product range uses the successful DECT standard for voice and data transmission. DECT, which is well-known from cordless telephones, also has rich data features. Benefit from the low cost and the quality of an exclusive frequency band at 1.9 GHz, which is free of interference. All  products come with full ETSI approval and can be used without restriction in the EEC. For the American market the FHSS variants – complying with with FCC and IC standards – provide similar system features, although in the (unprotected, shared) 2.4 GHz ISM frequency band.

HW 8660 DECT DataGate  – DECT base station with network connectivity
Data sheet pdf (101K), Technische Dokumentation Version 1.02 (german) pdf (970K).

• Links wireless terminals to TCP/IP networks
• Builds multi-cell networks with full roaming support
• Standard Linux platform for flexible software customisation
• Easy configuration through web browser

Allows TCP/IP connectivity and full roaming between basestations, as per a normal DECT voice telephone system.  The system allows TCP/IP connectivity for up to 8 DECT data terminals and is interoperable with all H&W DECT products and 3rd party equipment supporting ETS 300 699.  Based on a standard 486DX platform with Linux OS it permits flexible customisation and has external interfaces for additional peripherals.  Picture

HW 86010/20 DataUnwired module – for embedded DECT/FHSS applications
• Data transmission based on the successful DECT standard
• High data rates, suited for point-to-multipoint operation
• Easy integration due to versatile interfaces and compact size
• Best solution for wireless internet access, radio networks, data terminals

HW 86910 DECT evaluation kit – development environment for DECT module HW 86010
• Speeds-up your development of embedded HW 86010 solutions
• Includes two DECT modules HW 86010
• Contains all necessary hardware and software components for testing data connections
• Comes with source code samples and complete documentation

HW 8612 DECT wireless RS-232 serial port – free mobility for your data  
Data sheet pdf (85K)
User Manual Cordless Twin Port Version 1.04 pdf (1142K)

• Replaces data cables by a radio link
• Suited for point-to-multipoint operation
• Easy to use plug and play
• No drivers needed

HW 8614 DECT wireless Ethernet Basestation – wireless Ethernet access  
Data sheet pdf (80K).

• Links wireless terminals to the Ethernet
• Phantom power supply via network connector
• Full support of Internet services
• High data throughput for optimum performance

HW 8621 DECT-ISDN basestation – fast wireless internet access 
Data sheet pdf (74K)

• Links wireless terminals to the internet
• Best throughput due to ML-PPP
• Direct connection to ISDN SO bus
• Easy operation

HW 8622 DECT wireless analogue modem basestation - fast wireless Internet access
Data sheet pdf (95K).
• Provides fast wireless internet access
• Wireless modem and fax
• Best throughput due to PPP over V.34+, V.90, V.92
• Direct connection to the telephone line

HW 8617 DECT wireless USB port for details see:
Technical data, Data sheet pdf (83K)

Download a full overview of the DataUnwired range (pdf)

Handheld data entry terminal with integrated laser scanner and DECT radio link.

Company website
Inventel's DECT platform can run the S3 software for a wireless serial link to 
easily create a cordless data terminal ( web phone, ... )

Kirk Telecom A/S
Company website
KIRK telecom A/S situated in Horsens, Denmark was established in 1991 but has a history within telecommunication dating back to 1892. KIRK telecom designs, develops, manufactures and markets teleequipment in order to ensure the user easy access to telecommunication services. The equipment is exclusively designed and combines an easy, logical operation with an attractive appearance.

Wireless Data / ISDN product:
Homecom 128
HomeCom 128 is a cordless modem with telephony possibilities. HomeCom 128 makes it possible to connect 2 PC's wirelessly to the ISDN plug in the house. Apart from that it is possible to connect 6 cordless telephones to the installation from where there is access to all of ISDN's extra functions. The bandwidth from the ISDN base to the PC is 128 kbit/s. When a call is received during another conversation one channel is disconnected (call bumping), leaving 64 kbit/s open for data, while a speech channel is opened. From the PC it is possible to open and close one of the two channels, making it possible to make an external call, leaving one Internet channel open. The communication from the PC is done via the USB port.

NETVOX Technology
Company Website
Located in Taiwan, Netvox is a computer and telecommunication product manufacturer specialized in MP3 Digital Music Player, PDA, DECT 2-Line PABX, DECT Cordless, ISDN Phone, Corded Phone, Digital Video Security (VGuard) and Multifunction Pagers.

ISDN DECT Telephone C308. Includes: 9 Languages, 18 Hr talking, 180 Hr Standby, 50 Meters Indoor, Two External and one pair Internal at the same time. Other features: Multi-Link: Up to 5 Handsets can be registered on one Base Station, Multi-Based: The Handset can be registered on up to 5 Base Stations, Simultaneously 1 external and 2 internal calls possible, tariff-free internal calls, 3-Party conference: 3 Party Service, MSN list : 3 numbers, ECT : Explicit Call Transfer (PBX), AOC : Advice of Charge, Telephone Book with up to 50 numbers, Toggling of external and internal calls, Direct call, baby call. It also has Standard : DECT / GAP,  Channels : 120 duplex channels. 

Peucon GmbH
Company website
Based in Berlin, Germany, Peucon provide a range of DECT-based products for data applications, as well as Test Instruments for DECT.

The DECT Plug is a full-speed USB device with a maximum data transmission rate (programmable) of 12 MBit/s ( USB-version 1.1 ); set-up of the addressing of the DECT Engine uses the COM–Port interface of the PC. Windows driver are provided which converts the USB onto RS232.  The product is suitable for mobile use with notebooks in marketing and warehouse management.

RS232 DECT - The DECT-Plug A1
The DECT Plug A1 is a simple point-to-point data radio RS232 device, based on the MD32 module, with
data rate 19,2 kBaud, Xon / Xoff protocol and 8 Bit, 1 Stopbit, no parity.   The Plug can also be configured as a server for connection to up to 16 terminal-plugs.

Company Website

The Gigaset M101data box - comprises two DECT boxes to replace a normal V.24 cable to link a PC to a modem.   The product offers a range of 50m indoors or 300m outdoors, with data rates of up to 56.6 kb/s (analogue modem), 64 kb/s (ISDN modem) or even 115kb/s ('V.24' link between two PCs). Allows to connect the PCs in office or home   without using cables and without a telephone socket nearby;  put the printer and scanner wherever you want.

Details of the whole Gigaset DECT range can be searched via the Siemens website.

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