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DECT Repeaters

Repeaters, or wireless relay stations as termed by ETSI, allow the coverage and / or range of a base station to be extended, without the need to install additional wired base stations.  Deployment of repeaters can also allow traffic in high usage areas to be ported across to bases stations, allowing a flexing of capacity.  The technology is reasonably straight forward but sales volumes are small compared to the mass markets for cordless telephones.  Thus, at the start of 1999, these products are primarily being supplied by small players who have chosen to focus on these as niche markets, rather than by the major players. 

Two types of DECT repeater have been standardised by ETSI:

* The REP - Repeater Part - this requires a change in the frame structure in the base station.  It results in minimum audio delay but degrades overall system capacity

* The CRFP - Cordless Radio Fixed Part - with this implementation the frame structure in the handset and basestation remain unchanged.   It results in additional audio delay and requires special handling of encryption, but has good system traffic capacity. 

KIRK telecom A/S
Company website
KIRK telecom A/S is an independent Danish company that develops, manufactures and markets wireless communication solutions. KIRK telecom was founded in 1991 as a result of a management buy-out from KIRK Alcatel. Based on 100 years’ experience with telephony, management took a strategic decision to focus on the DECT technology. As a result, KIRK telecom was one of the large contributors to the development of the DECT standard in the mid 1990s.

The KIRK DECT/GAP wireless Repeater is designed for the KIRK dect-z Systems to increase the radio coverage area of the system. As a unique feature the KIRK wireless repeaters can be placed in “cascade” formation, directing the signal in a certain direction. Furthermore, an external directional antenna can be added for long range coverage.

RTX Telecom
Company website

RTX DECT Product Line - Quickest path to include DECT repeaters to your product range
State-of-the-art Repeaters - RTX has developed three indoors and one outdoor repeaters, which make it possible to enhance the length of the DECT signal up to impressive 15km. There is seamless intercell handover from an area covered by the base station to an area covered by the repeater or vice versa. It is possible to register up to 6 repeaters to a base station.

DECT Indoor Repeaters - up to 1½km range
* RTX4002 Repeater with range up to 50m
* RTX4002D External Repeater with SMA connector, significantly improves the range

Mechanical - The common PCB mechanics measures only 82mm x 47.5mm and is housed in a discrete plastic housing measuring only 150mm x 80mm x 35mm.

DECT Outdoor Repeater - up to 15km range
RTX has been able to enhance the range from normally 1½km up to 15km, which is second to none. The Repeater is mounted into a special developed water resistant box, which can also cope with extreme weather conditions. The mechanical box is approved according to IP 55.

Technical Specifications - Standards for indoor Repeaters
The DECT Repeater is designed in accordance with the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) standard. The DECT Repeater is compliant with: CTR6, TBR22 (Generic Access Profile, GAP) specifications, ETSI Wireless Relay Station Specification ETS 300 700. (Type approval testing reports are available on request)

Matchless automatic registration method - just like plug-and-play RTX has developed a new, matchless automatic registration method. The repeater thus automatically seeks and acquires the DECT/GAP base station that emits the most powerful signal. For the end user, this means that the repeater installation has been simplified to plug-and-play. This is however an option.

Contact RTX Telecom - For more information, please contact RTX Telecom, <>



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