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Multimedia & Home Networking

With the maturing of DECT data standards, the development of the DECT Multimedia Application Profile, DMAP, and the DECT Packet Radio Service, DPRS, wireless multimedia and  networking products for the domestic and office environment based on DECT have at last become a commercial reality, rather than simply concept models at trade shows.

On this page we are including products based on DMAP, emerging from companies who are members of the  DECT Multi Media Consortium - MMC as well as other products using other DECT protocols.

Dosch & Amand
Company website

FreePAD - Wireless, top class ISDN Internet terminal based on DMAP, Touch-sensitive color display, DECT telephone with visual added features, Instant access to the WWW, Compatible with DMAP base stations, Operating system: Linux, Web browser: Opera, Graphics: NanoX.

FreeKEY, the small high-performance ISDN radio PCMCIA card. It connects notebooks to the in-house ISDN network without wires and provides portable PC owners with unlimited mobility by using modern communications services. Transmission range: around 50 meters inside buildings, around 300 meters in the open. All application programs installed on the notebook can continue to be used unchanged. Even GAP-capable DECT telephones can be simultaneously operated via the DMAP base station with no problem. FreeKEY also provides DECT telephony: If the notebook has a sound card, microphone and speaker system, you can telephone directly from the notebook - as with a cordless DECT telephone.
Freekey is available through Deutsche Telekom in Germany under the brand name Teledat Cordless.

These products are distributed by Ascom in an English/German version

Company website
Marketing D&A products as the Goodwin Airport system, DMM - DECT Multi Media, Goodwin is selling such products into Russia

Kirk Telecom A/S
Company website
KIRK telecom A/S situated in Horsens, Denmark was established in 1991 but has a history within telecommunication dating back to 1892. KIRK telecom designs, develops, manufactures and markets teleequipment in order to ensure the user easy access to telecommunication services. The equipment is exclusively designed and combines an easy, logical operation with an attractive appearance.

Wireless Data / ISDN product:
Homecom 128
HomeCom 128 is a cordless modem with telephony possibilities. HomeCom 128 makes it possible to connect 2 PC's wirelessly to the ISDN plug in the house. Apart from that it is possible to connect 6 cordless telephones to the installation from where there is access to all of ISDN's extra functions. The bandwidth from the ISDN base to the PC is 128 kbit/s. When a call is received during another conversation one channel is disconnected (call bumping), leaving 64 kbit/s open for data, while a speech channel is opened. From the PC it is possible to open and close one of the two channels, making it possible to make an external call, leaving one Internet channel open. The communication from the PC is done via the USB port.

Lake Communications
Company website
As a part of the BT funded research, DECT and 802.11 compliant systems have been developed at

See details of their Airway product, launched with BT in London in July 2000.
Airway product brochure

Lake's White Paper on the Network Home

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