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Wireless Local Loop
CTM Public Access Products

Listed below, alphabetically by manufacturer, is a list DECT wireless local loop and cordless terminal mobility product ranges.  Fuller details may be found by clicking on the hyperlinks to go the original source material.

If you know of a manufacturer or product range we've left out, or wish to submit succinct additional detail on a product range listed, please send it to us  so we can improve these pages.  Thanks

In 1997 over 31% of all wireless local loop systems used DECT technology.  Details of wireless local loop deployments of DECT WLL systems may be found elsewhere on this website - see Global DECT - and in the DECT Forum article on this topic.

A good article on CTM may be found in the March 1998 DECT Forum Newsletter

Alcatel 9800 DECT WLL system supports telephony and digital voice band data, ISDN BRA, 2 Mb/s V5.x, a/b interfaces to LE - click on the link for diagrams of the architecture and product description
Alcatel 9550 CTM system, ISDN PRA, plus interface to LE, GAP
Click here for the Alcatel access product catalogue.

BBS Access Pte Ltd

BBS Access is a designer, manufacturer and provider of wireless telecommunications and data access systems. Our wireless local loop (WLL) solution, is designed to provide a high-quality, low maintenance, low-cost telephone connection between the local exchange and subscribers in both urban and rural environments.

DECLoop Wireless Local Loop system, based on DECT standard specifications, is designed to provide simultaneous circuit switched voice and medium-rate connectivity at homes and offices. DECLoop provides a complete wireless access solution for new and expanding telecommunications networks at a lower cost but comparable service quality to wired network.

A graphical DECT simulation tool for WLL call patterns and RF transmission behavior analysis.

Crompton Greaves Ltd, India
Company Website
corDECT system comprising:
    corDECT WS wallset (subscriber equipment)
    corDECT CBS (compact base station)
    corDECT DUI DECT (interface unit)
(Same technology as Shyam Telecom - see below)

Company website, or you may prefer the English version, if you cannot read the Cyrillic script !

Russian company, providing WLL system, already approved for deployment in Moscow.
    Capacity of system  100 – 16 000 subscribers
    Number of Radio Fixed Parts  Up to 128
    Number of PSTN channels  Up to 960

Borodino system
The system is intended for both urban and rural areas with high or medium density of population. The main features of the system are as follows

  • Complete set of equipment designed and manufactured by GOODWIN – from infrastructure equipment (controllers, multiplexers, base stations, etc.) to subscriber equipment (“GOODWIN TAROUSSA-C” CTA, subscriber antennas, phones, etc.). The equipment is GAP-compatible;
  • Wireless communications for subscriber groups from 50 to 480 subscribers;
  • Connection and service provision for both fixed and local mobility subscribers in the same system;
  • Possibility of connecting remote base stations via existing cables with the use of G.SHDSL technology (up to 20 km distance);
  • High-volume traffic due to the use of 12-channel base stations;
  • Long distance wireless access (up to 5 km);
  • Voice and data transmission
  • Web-based technical servicing and system monitoring
  • Low price per subscriber.

By the end of 2001 the GOODWIN BORODINO system will start supporting data transmission at the rate up to 90kbit/s.

Himachal Futuristic Communications Limited
Company Website
Established in 1987, Himachal Futuristic Communications has fast emerged as a leader in the Indian Telecommunication sector. Himachal serve a large number of customers, which include incumbent operators and new C-LECs.

Dect based Wireless in Local loop system
Throughout the world Wireless Local Loop (WLL) is emerging as an alternative solution to the problems posed by conventional copper access network. WLL provides quick, reliable and high quality communication services, which are economically attractive to operators for a fast roll out of the network. COR-DECT HF 1800 WLL is a Wireless Local Loop solution from HFCL which provides high quality voice, fax, data and Internet services.

Wall Set- IP (WS-IP) The WS-IP is similar to a wallset, with an added V-24 RS-232 serial port for Internet access. A personal computer can be directly connected to this port without a modem, and Internet access is possible at 35 or 70 Kbps. In addition, simultaneous use of the telephone is possible, making the WS-IP functionally equivalent to an ISDN terminal. The WS-IP is a fixed subscriber terminal for the corDECT WLL system that supports both voice and high-speed Internet.

Informtekhnika & svyaz
Company Website
Private company (since 1991 on the market), >250 employees. Developer & producer of SMART DECT WLL base & subscribers equipment with extended distance (up to 9 km) & Internet dial up access (up to 56kb/s). More than 4000 system installations for corporate customers and private telco’s, based on proprietary PABX, DECT WLL&MC and TETRA trunk radio equipment.

SmartDECT CTA- UI (Cordless Telephone Adaptor with UPS and Voice/Inet)
DECT/GAP(for voice); Dial-up I-net speed- up to 56Kb/sec; distance- up to 9 km; F=1880-1900 or 1910-1930 MHz; a/b line interfaces- Russia, Brazil, Europe; Dialing mode- tone/pulse; fax- 3 group, up to 9600 bps; Operation T & H: +5-40C, 20-80%; Dimensions (L x W x H)- 145x 90 x 37 mm; Weight- 250 g (with no adapter); a/b line cord length- 15 m max; Power supply socket- RJ-11; a/b line socket- RJ-11; Antenna sockets- SMA or TNC; 4 x AA NiMH batteries; AC- adapter 220V, 9V DC, 2W.

Base equipment family WLL-200
WLL-200 - Up 200 subscribers integrated WLL-system
WLL-200-R - 20 channel special repeater
WLL-200-RW - 20 channel special radio relay
WLL-ISDN RW - ISDN Radio Relay

Subscriber equipment family CTA (all with build-in UPS)
CTA-I - Cordless Telephone Adaptor with dial-up internet capability
CTA-Nab - CTA for N=(4-20) ab lines
CTA-R - CTA - repeater

Midas Communication Technologies Pvt Ltd
Company website

Midas was the first company in India to develop indigenous technology based on DECT standard for WLL access as a last mile connectivity with emphasys on rural areas where the cost of infrastructure for POTS is quite expensive (in partnership with Analog Devices Inc, and IIT, Madras).

corDECT is an advanced, field proven, Wireless Access System developed by Midas Communication Technologies and the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, in association with Analog Devices Inc., USA. corDECT provides a complete wireless access solution for new and expanding telecommunication networks with seamless integration of both voice and Internet services. corDECT is a cost-effective Wireless Local Loop (WLL) system in the world today that provides simultaneous toll-quality voice and 35 or 70 kbps Internet access to wireless subscribers.

Company Website
Possibly Tunisia's only telecom manufacturer ?

The TAWA WLL System
Based on DECT technology, TAWA has been designed for easy network integration, with system interfaces to the network on E1 (2.048 Mbps) lines as per ITU-T G703 standard. In one configuration, the TAWA system acts like a switch with its local loop. Alternatively the TAWA Wireless in Local Loop can be configured as an Access Network connected to main exchange on ITU-T specified access protocol V5.2.

TThe basic unit provides service to 1000 subscribers. Multiple TAWA systems can be connected together using a transit switch. The system has been designed in such a way that the initial investment for fixed part is very low and most of the cost is incurred on the subscriber units, thus costs grow only as the operator signs up subscribers.

RTX Telecom
Company website
RTX specialises in development of advanced wireless communication solutions across the entire range of wireless technologies (DECT, DPRS, WLL, VoIP, IEEE 802.11a/b/g, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz, NMT, GSM, GPRS, TD-SCDMA and Bluetooth), focusing exclusively on making the entire development process rapid, reliable and economical.

Shyam Telecom Ltd, India
Company website
Shyam Telecom Limited is a manufacturer of telecom equipment in India.

DECTxs system private wallset, public and private systems based on the corDECT technology developed by IIT Chennai. 

In an urban deployment of DECTxs, subscribers can be served using microcellular architecture(cell size 300 to 1000 metres). For high density business centres, multiple Base Stations can be stacked together.

In the case of suburban areas, medium sized cells (1km - 3.5kms) can be used. As suburban areas are prone to the growth of subscribers in either a planned or an unplanned manner, such requirements can be easily dealt with by adding Base Stations on a as and when required basis, as the system does not require any frequency planning.

Remote Semi - Urban/Rural Coverage
For remote semi-urban and rural areas where the existing demand does not call for an independent BSC, Base Stations can be located remotely using an El interface links. Moreover, with the extended range Wall Sets, the DECTxs coverage may be extended to 8-10 kms from the BS location.

Thin Route, Distributed Rural Coverage
Where the operator is required to provide between 25 to 100 lines for spot coverage in remote clusters or townships, DECTxs provides the most cost-effective solution. In this case Base Stations can be located at every 20-50 kms using an El drop insert backbone. DECTxs optimises the immediate exposure to the operator

Key features of DECTxs
Affordability, low up-front investment
Very fast & easy deployment
Adaptability to very high & low subscriber densities
Toll quality 32 kbps ADPCM voice
Enhanced privacy/Data, fax, payphone support
Modular & adjustable system architecture
No frequency planning required
Futurability - ISDN, Video-conferencing etc.
Spectrum sharing using DCS to allow a multi-operator, multiple BSC environment in the same 20 MHz band
Centralised NMS

Company Website
The DECTlink WLL system includes integrated support for cordless terminal mobility (CTM) and a radio network repeater (wireless base station) element.
In addition, the DECTlink compact desktop version offers a solution for small subscriber group

No longer available on Siemens Website:
Two different types of subscriber modules are supported:
    RNT1/RNT1L single line subscriber module
    RNT4/RNT4L four line subscriber module

Siemens is no longer actively promoting a DECT WLL offering.

Company website

Urmet's DECT WLL capabilities stem from  its involvement in the early DECT public access work in Italy with "street DECT" and included products such as the DW600,  a branch exchange, based on DECT and CDMA wireless technology, suitable for both public and private applications, that enables telecomunications operators either to implement new networks or to expand the existing ones. Features:

  • WLL for urban, suburban, rural areas
  • Voice and data capabilities
  • Coverage area from 1,5 up to 50 Km square
  • DECT or CDMA radio protocol
  • Indoor/Outdoor terminations
  • Up to 600 subscriber lines

Urmet also produced a DNT, DECT Network Termination for WLL.

No longer actively promoting its DECT WLL offering.


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