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Protocol Software

This page contains information and pointers to more detail on suppliers of protocol software for DECT products

Company Website
Bithium is a company focused on wireless communications. The company has strong experience in DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications), being among the first to develop and deliver DECT based data communication solutions back in 1998.

DECT GAP Stack - Easy to use DECT protocol stack library enabling the client to develop their own Man-Machine Interface code. The library is targeted at the National Semiconductor solutions SC14408/SC14425 or at the latest generation chipsets: SC14428 (without answering machine support) or SC14429 (with answeing machine support). 
Features include: caller-ID, walkie-talkie mode (direct PP to PP communications) and 3-party conference. 

World DECT Stack - 2,4GHz spread spectrum modified DECT protocol stack library. Has the same user interface and main features as the DECT GAP protocol stack library.  

DPRS Stack - DPRS protocol library supporting drivers to different data sources. Works with blins slot and non-blind slot radios. Avaliable option to include also voice communication support (GAP) thus making it a DMAP solution. 

Company website

DECT software protocol stack, used in several manufacturers' DECT telephone products including V-Tech.

Cambridge Consultants Ltd
DECT software protocol stacks
GAP software stack 
C1 data stack 
Generic telephone application software 
Double slot and advanced connection 
Customised versions to give DECT-style mobility in other bands, and for 
other application areas 

Federal Technologies Ltd
Company Website
The company offer a generic DECT software protocol stack to be used for developing DECT phones . The DECT protocol specified by ETSI is adopted. This scope of work covers the design and development of software as per ETSI air interface standards (EN 300 175 series) as well as GAP compliance (EN 300 444). It has been tested on NSC target hardware using SC14425 daughter module for Baseset and SC14404 daughter module for Handset.

Fraunhofer IIS
Company website
Fraunhofer IIS have implemented various DECT protocols with different levels of performance. The DECT protocol stack and the operating system are both based on modules and have mainly been implemented in the programming language "C".  Several microcontroller platforms are already being supported.
Portings to other controllers are also offered.

Philips Business Systems
Company website
Philips Business Communications (PBC) are Information Communication Technology (ICT) Systems Integrators for enterprises throughout the UK.

GAP software for repeater/relay equipment.

Raycomm Electronics Limited
Company website
Raycomm Electronics Ltd specializes in the design, development and integration of advanced software and electronics, typically for real-time embedded systems in the communications and other hi-tech industries. Established in 1995 by a group of leading consultants, the company has in-depth experience writing software and developing electronic systems. Specialists in SDL and embedded C/C++, they also program in C#, Java and Assembler, and undertake electronic design.

Raycomm offer DECT experience including developing protocol stacks, ensuring GAP compliance and creating products with existing modules using both voice and data.  They offer a full range of services from feasibility studies to complete product design.

Company website
RTX Telecom A/S has been engaged in developing DECT since 1993, and was one of the first companies to receive a GAP approval for a cordless phone. Over the years, RTX technology - in the form of turnkey designs and delivery of DECT GAP protocols - has been used in more than 40 models of cordless phones. RTX Telecom has been granted approval for DECT products in more than 35 countries.

S3 - Silicon and Software Systems
Company website
S3 supplies a range of s software for DECT applications, supporting Philips, STM Semiconductor Platforms, the ALPS and Inventel DECT modules and other platforms.

DECT protocol stack development.

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