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Test Equipment

Listed below, alphabetically by manufacturer, is a compilation of DECT test equipment and test software products, including products designed for use in product development, production testing, Type Approval, as well as field installation and maintenance.  Fuller details may be found by clicking on the hyperlinks to go the original source material.  If you know of a manufacturer or product we've left out, please send us details so we can improve these pages.  Thanks

Company website
The MT8801B Radio Communication Analyser, with MX880118A DECT Measurement Software (PDF FIle), provides a high-speed tester for DECT fixed and portable parts.   The product supports a wide range of ETSI test cases as detailed in ETS 300 176-1, including such parameters as - accuracy/stability of RF carriers, timing jitter, RFP reference timing accuracy, packet transmission accuracy, transmission burst (power vs time), transmitted power, carrier modulation, emissions due to modulation and transmitter transients, receiver sensitivity, reference BER, interference performance, blocking and intermodulation.  

The equipment can establish a MAC layer communication to the device-under-test, emulating either a fixed or portable part.  Special MAC layer test messages are also supported.   A number of 'clever' features are available to enable the tester to provide accelerated product testing, to maximise testing throughput.

GSM / GPRS / DECT / IS136 / cdmaOne Mobile Handset Tester - MT8801C

Also see wireless products.

Advantest, Japan
Company website

Spectrum analysers R3463, R3465 and R3263 (PDF File) Overview of spectrum analyzers offered by Adantest.
Specific DECT product focus on the R3465/3 (PDF File) DECT options 52/57/58 - allow testing to TBR 6. Some options allow combined DECT/GSM testing. 

CMD 60/65 DECT testset (in Japanese) - distributor of Rohde & Schwartz

Fraunhofer IIS
Company website

Traffic Monitor
The DECT monitor is a tool for monitoring DECT on-air traffic. The graphic presentation of the radio signal strength allows a quick overview of the usage of DECT channels at any point in time. In addition, the capabilities of all base stations  within the coverage area of the DECT monitor are shown.  A DECT radio module from Fraunhofer is needed for operating the DECT monitor. This module is connected with a PC by a serial communication interface.  Module details here.

DECT BERT - A Bit Error Rate Tester                 

Kirk Telecom
Company website
Kirk 1600 Handset:  A professional diagnostic tool for fault finding and deployment of DECT systems
The Kirk 1600 handset contains various features to simplify fault finding in existing DECT solutions and for setting up new DECT installations.   The handset allows the user to see all DECT systems – both business - and residential systems in the area and to find out if there are too many systems running i.e. if there is too much radio activity in the air.   Kirk 1600 can be set to find all current bases running, but it is possible – by making a selection of the RFPI no. – to search for a particular group of bases.

It is thus easy to determine the probability of having "hot spots" in the DECT system. It is possible to see how much noise there is on each of the 120 channels, with noise levels from –90 dBm to –60 dBm in jumps of 5 dBm.     The Kirk 1600 is able to lock to a base and avoid handover to other bases, enabling to see the frequencies and timeslots used and consequently to find out if special frequencies or timeslots create problems for the DECT system

Rohde & Schwarz, Germany
Company website - contains details on the products mentioned below and others - well worth checking out.

DECT Digital Radiocommunication Tester R&S CMD60 - Mobile station test equipment, for production, development and high-end service, including DECT.
Download applications note on Bit Error Rate Testing for DECT Receivers in Fading Conditions Using CMD60/65 and SMIQ

DECT Protocol Tester TS1220

DECT Type-Approval Test Systems TS8930B/F - gives test houses a system that can rapidly and comprehensively check pan-European standard for cordless phones on the RF side complying with all relevant regulations. TS8930B can be upgraded at a later date to give full functionality of TS8930F

DECT Signalling Test Unit PTW15 - The DECT Signalling Test Unit R&S PTW15 is designed as a universal test instrument that offers all measurement tools required for installation and maintenance of DECT-WLL networks and PABX systems at a highly competitive price.

Company website

SYSTEMES G offers DECT signal analysis systems.

Tektronix (previously Siemens Communications Test Equipment GmbH)
Company website

Spectrum Analyzers FSEM30 * FSEK30

Vector Signal Generator SMIQ SMIQ02B * SMIQ03B * SMIQ04B * SMIQ06B - Digital Modulation with Option Modulation Coder SMIQB20 - Predefined Modulation Settings - APCO C4FM, APCO CQPSK, CDPD, CT2, DECT, GSM, IRIDIUM, NADC, PDC, PHS, TETRA, TFTS, PWT, ICO, BPSK, ICO GMSK, ICO QPSK, GSM EDGE, CDMA IS-95, W-CDMA, QPSK

Signal Generation Software SMEK2

Signal Generator SME

Signal Analyzer FSIQ - Selectable Standards - W-CDMA, Q-CDMA (IS-95) forward/reverse, GSM, NADC, TETRA, PDC, PHS, CDPD, DECT, PWT, APCO25, CT2, ERMES, FLEX, MODACOM, TFTS.

Signal Generator SMHU58 - Opt. B3 - DECT Coder. Order 0836.4010.02.


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