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Test and Certification Laboratories

A large number of test house companies exist in Europe which provide DECT testing and Type Approval services, including those listed below. Please e-mail DECTweb with details if you know of others which should be added to this list -there are many more ! Thank you.

Ablewisp Limited
Compliance consultants - covering CE Marking, UL and global regulatory requirements.

Hardware documentation - user manuals and technical documentation.

Company Website
BABT, accredited Notified/Certification Body and TUV Product Service company, provides a full range of market access solutions to suppliers of DECT equipment. We are appointed to provide Conformity Assessment services under the R&TTE, EMC and Low Voltage Directives and are a TCB which can assist in US market entry. We can provide EMC, Safety, SAR, Telecoms (including GSM/GPRS) and Environmental Test & Consultancy as well as certification against internationally recognised standards. 

DECT Testing - includes the standards required for European approval of these products have been developed by ETSI and comprise the following: TBR 06: Testing of the RF air interface, TBR 10: Acoustic telephony tests, TBR 22: Generic Access Profile (GAP) protocol test.

Cetecom, Germany, France, Benelux, Spain
Company website
Cetecom undertake testing, type approval and certification for the conformity of DECT products to CTR 6, CTR 10 and CTR 22, as well as testing to the EMC and Low Voltage Directives. Cetecom is a Competent Body and Designated Laboratory, with offices in several countries.

ECCT (European Communications Consultancy Team)
Company Website
ECCT (European Communications Consultancy Team), founded in 1993 in Eindhoven the Netherlands, as a pre-qualification house for Philips Consumer Electronics, concentrated on testing and approbation activities for telecom terminal equipment in the European countries. In 1995 a development team was set up, consisting of engineers who had many years of experience in telecom engineering at Philips Semiconductors. Since that time we have built up a lot of experience with DECT developments.

Activities are:
Development - Hardware and software development of telecommunication terminals, such as cordless telephones (DECT, CT0, CT1), digital answering machines, Bluetooth and wireless LAN applications.

Testing - Inhouse pre-qualification and guidance through the electronic and acoustical verification process (TBR6,TBR10, TBR21, TBR38, TBR22, EMC and safety testing). We modify and adapt equipment such that it passes all specification parameters in case of failures.

Consultancy -  in the areas of product definition, electronic design and manufacturing.

Electronic Technology Systems
Company website
ETS Dr.Genz GmbH - accredited test house & certification body
BZT - ETS Certification GmbH - notified body

ETS provides a complete solution for DECT testing and certification:

- Testing according EN 301 406, TBR 10, TBR 21, TBR 22, TBR 38, I-CTR 37, including national annexes
- 2,4 GHz DECT testing (FCC approval)
- Regulatory testing according R&TTE directive (radio, emc, safety)
- R&TTE certification by our Notified Body

The ETS world-wide network consists of the head-quarters in Germany, several branch offices all over the world and test laboratories in Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and USA. Please take a look for our whole offers concerning GSM, GPRS, BLUETOOTH, general radio, EMC and safety.

Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications NCSR "Demokritos", Greece
Company website

Conformance testing services for DECT

Mikes Product Service GmbH
Company website
MIKES PRODUCT SERVICE GmbH, a subsidiary of BABT Product Service, is an European accredited EMC and Telecom laboratory which undertakes compliance tests on DECT products according to CTR 6, CTR 10 and CTR 22. Also the applicable EMC and Safety tests can be performed.

Nemko Comlab
Company website
Nemko Comlab, a member of the Nemko Group, is an accredited testhouse for telecommunications and radio equipment and a Notified Body for the R&TTE Directive and the EMC directive. Nemko Comlab offers short lead-times and a high degree of flexibility.

DECT Test Services
Among the services we offer are:
-Conformance testing for DECT to EN 301406, TBR 10 and TBR 22
-PSTN interface testing to EN 301437 and ATAAB notes
-PSTN general acoustical requirements to TBR 38
-EMC and safety testing to EN 301 489-6 and EN 60950
-Conformance testing for ISDN Basic Access to TBR 3

As part of the Nemko group Nemko Comlab can offer services for World Wide market access for all DECT equipments, as well as many other types of equipment. For the Russian market we are able to handle both the testing and the approval process for DECT, ISDN and PSTN products.

Telefication BV, Netherlands
Company website

Offers type approval testing to CTR / TBR 6, CTR / TBR 11, TBR 22, EMC and safety testing.
EN 301 489-06 - Electromagnetic compatibility and radio spectrum matters (ERM); Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standard for radio equipment and services Part 6: Specific conditions for digital enhanced cordless telecommunications (DECT) equipment.

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