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Market Information

On this page we list sources of recent market studies, reports and newsletters of potential relevance to our visitors.   If your company provide market reports relating to cordless telecommunications and you wish such data to be included on this page, please e-mail us, enclosing the relevant information. Thank you.

If you know of a report or newsletter which we should include here, please e-mail us.  Thank you.

Market Studies & Reports

Allied Business Intelligence
Company website

Wireless System Reports
on a number of wireless technologies.

Past DECT related reports:
"Wireless Access Solutions to Local Loop Telephony : Emerging Markets & Competitive Analysis"

Date:  January 1999

Company website

Past DECT related reports:
"Will Wireless Win? Prospects for Mobile & Fixed Operators"
Date: July 1999

Addresses the issue of wireline substitution by wireless, including DECT as one of the access technologies considered.

"Commercial Strategies for Fixed-Mobile Convergence"
Date: September 1997
Addresses the issue of convergence between wireline and wireless, including DECT as one of the access technologies considered. It considers the implications of factors like dual-mode versus dual-frequency handsets, and the role that DECT might play in fixed–mobile integration.

"Spectrum trading: increasing the efficiency of spectrum usage"
Takes a look a spectrum usage with a look at the DECT spectrum efficiency included. See below:
"For example, dect frequency, which is located on 1880MHz, is generally under-utilised. On the other hand, spectrum in the adjoining frequency bands (allocated to GSM1800 and UMTS applications) is at a premium. Operators in these higher demand bandwidths may be able to make more efficient use of the less utilised allocations of dect frequency spectrum."

"The Future of Fixed-Mobile Substitution: options for Fixed & Mobile Operators"
As a part of the report it looks at "To what extent should fixed operators and mobile operators pursue the opportunities presented by WLAN, DECT and other wireless technologies, and what impact could this have on fixed–mobile substitution?"

Global Information Inc
Company website

Strategies for the Wireless Office - As the impact of wireless technologies extend beyond individual users the report examines the next great mobile revolution - the wireless office. From digital cellular and DECT, to local connectivity-enabled by infrared, wireless LANs and new technologies such as Bluetooth, the wireless office promises to be the next battleground for mobile operators and equipment vendors.
Date:  January 2001

Wireless Access Solutions to the Local Loop; Narrowband and Broadband Markets for Last Mile Voice and Data Technologies - covers: Urban and Rural Narrowband solutions CDMA, TDMA, DECT and GSM air interfaces, Broadband Solutions for data and voice LMDS, MMDS, ISM and other unlicensed frequencies, Regional WL.
Date:  May 2000

IMS Research
Company website
"The Worldwide Market for DECT in Residential and Cordless PBX Applications"

Date:  January 2000

Company Website

InfoTrack for Wireless Business - Enterprise Wireless Module
"This subscription program tracks on the North American Enterprise Wireless Market – comprised of those systems enabling workers to utilize portable phones within a building or campus and still receive all the functionality of a corporate PBX, Key/Hybrid or Internet Protocol (IP) telephony phone system. This program also includes a semi-annual overview on the W. European DECT market"
Date: Available from April 2002

Micrologic Research Inc
Company website
"Wireless Data Communications 2001"

Date:  Available from 10th July 2001
Wireless Data2001 sells for $2,895 for the first copy and $500 for additional copies

A comprehensive review of the wireless data markets, including DECT. 
Actual sales and forecasts of DECT through 2005.

Company website
MZA are a UK based consultancy specialising in European telecommunications markets.   For the past 10 years they have been producing detailed annual studies and historic and forecast market information on products including Cordless Telephony.

2002 European Edition of "The European and Global Telecommunications Market" on Cordless Telephony, which tracks market developments for both domestic and business cordless solutions in Europe.  

Venture Development Corporation
Company Website
Venture Development Corporation, is a technology research and Management consulting firm serving the worldwide electronics industry.

"The 2001 Global Market Wireless LAN Business Planning Program"
Volume 1: Global Markets and Applications for Wireless LAN's
Date: December 2001
Covers the Global Market for Wireless LAN hardware, complete with estimates and forecasts through 2005.


Financial Times
Company website
"Business Communications Update" - biweekly
"Advanced Cordless Communications" - biweekly
"Virtual Office Newsletter" - biweekly

Global Information Inc
Company website

Mobiles Newsletter - an Australian newsletter, strong on the Australia-Pacific region
A list of all their wireless newsletters may be found here

Pyramid Group
Company website

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