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4th November 1999, Paris, France

Ascom voo:doo conquers Europe

Ascom launches a worldwide first with Ascom voo:doo, an ISDN data and telephone package that functions completely without cables. This makes speech and data transmission possible at a distance of up to 300 meters, also in digital form.

What Ascom has pulled out of the hat this Autumn has nothing to do with magic, but purely with technical know-how. Ascom voo:doo is the package which comprises a base station, a PCMCIA card (Type III) for notebooks and a 16-bit ISA card for desktop PCs. In addition, the package includes a specially adapted Ascom Eurit 133 ISDN cordless telephone, that is compatible with the system and communications software, and a charging bay . This makes the very first package in the world to offer integrated cordless telephony and data transmission via ISDN. And it is the only system which operates in the protected, and thus interference-free, 1.8 Gigahertz DECT frequency range. Put plainly, Ascom voo:doo makes it possible to surf the Internet and talk on the telephone simultaneously without a problem, all from the comfort of your garden chair.

What does Ascom voo:doo have to offer ?
With cordless speech and data transfer to the ISDN station, Ascom voo:doo combines two future-oriented trends; namely mobility and flexibility. One no longer needs to be tied to a desk to send e-mails, to surf the Internet or enjoy the comforts of digital telephony. All this can be done anywhere, because there is no longer a cable to get in the way of the freedom of movement. Without doubt, this suits the modern work methods and their demands, from the office at home for teleworking, to project-oriented ad hoc teams. Edit e-mails in the children's room, hold conference calls in the garden, or work in teams in the company cafeteria with file-sharing and Internet access: Communication is becoming more mobile.

The flexibility will probably be most appreciated by people who have set up their workplace in a roomy factory site or in a trendy loft. Because only when the need for cables is eliminated, and hence also the dependence on telephone sockets, can the shape and design of rooms truly be freed from all boundaries. It could also be of interest to groups who share an office, after all, Ascom voo:doo also offers the possibility for several users to have access to one base station.

A closer look at the components
Without doubt: Ascom voo:doo is convincing as a complete concept. But the individual parts of the package also satisfy the highest of technical requirements.

For example, the Ascom Eurit 133 ISDN cordless telephone has performance attributes which really are impressive. Among other things they include menu-guided operation, a lighted display capable of showing graphics, a telephone directory for 150 entries, a list of the past 30 answered and unanswered calls, comprehensive re-dial functionality, 5 multiple subscriber numbers with individual settings for each user, stand-by readiness of up to 140 hours, talking time up to 15 hours, and internal calls between the hand devices of a Ascom voo:doo base station are even free of charge. In short: the ISDN attributes and advantages can be put to optimum use with the Ascom Eurit 133. Which is even more important if one is playing with the idea of using additional handsets on a single Ascom voo:doo base station.

However, the other parts of the package have no reason to take a back seat. Thus the base station can be expanded with up to 6 DMAP modem cards for data transmission, or with up to 6 GAP compatible telephones. Naturally it offers a transfer rate of up to 128 kbit per second between the mobile device and the base station. This dynamic transfer rate corresponds to the 2 x 64 kbit/s ISDN B channels. All these functions are included in a PCMCIA card (Type III) for notebooks, or a 16-bit ISA card for desktop PCs. And the software for PC fax, PC telephone, answering machine and the Ascom configuration manager is just as convincing .

What's it need ?
For the installation it would seem at first sight that lots of time would be the major thing needed. But that is way off the mark: Plug & Play are the magic words, whereby the easy-to-follow short installation guide and the CD-ROM with user manual provide additional services. Thus, anyone can quickly and simply put Ascom voo:doo into service.

And the Ascom voo:doo places no special requirements on the system which have not long since become standard equipment. All that is needed is at least a 166 MHz Pentium processor, 32 Mbyte RAM, and for notebooks a Type III PCMCIA slot. And that Ascom voo:doo is fully compatible with Windows 95/98 goes almost without saying.

DECT: cordless instead of cables
The Ascom voo:doo is based on DECT technology. In the beginning DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) was synonymous with the cordless digital telephone. However, because not only speech can be transmitted digitally, the technology was expanded to cover cordless speech and data transmission via ISDN. Simply put, the serial or modem connections on the PC are replaced by a „virtual cable". Speech and data are transmitted cordlessly and communication thus becomes more mobile and flexible.

But this is just the beginning, as a brief look into the future reveals. A new standard for DECT technology, the so-called DECT-DMAP standard, even makes it possible to form small so-called „Pico Networks" which will in the future bring together all computers and peripheral devices, all mobile phones and telephones – whether in the home and garden, in offices and studio lofts – in a cordless fashion. To form a cordless, local network for speech and data.

Your contact person:
   Kirstin Steyer
    Marketing Communications
    Ascom Business Systems AG
    Ziegelmattstrasse 1
    CH 4503 Solothurn

    Telephone: +41 / 32 624 2706
    Fax:                  +41 / 32 624 2480

Please e-mail us your company's press releases for inclusion on DECTweb
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