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4th November 1999, Paris, France

Wireless Home & Office CommunicationsWireless Home & Office Communications
Dosch & Amand:
With the Latest Telecommunications Technology to the Top of the International DECT Key Players

"Innovations don't just happen out of the blue," explains Franz Dosch, Managing Director of the Munich IT company Dosch & Amand and also Chairman of the DECT-MMC (DECT-MultiMediaConsortium). And he should know. Because the success story of the company he manages in cooperation with Birgit Amand is the result of hard developmental work and far-sighted financial and marketing management. The success is the development of the world's first full multi-media capable data radio MMAP (MultiMedia Access Profile) which can provide networked wireless access to modern communication services such as Internet, Eurofile transfer, e-mail and fax with complete 128 kBit bandwidth (ISDN) in apartments, offices and even buildings over several stories. The fact that MMAP also completely integrates voice services due to its GAP compatibility is one of the most outstanding features of this development and, at the same time, the explanation why this innovation from Munich is currently introducing a new age in the area of mobile residential, SoHo and business communication. Due to the acceptance of MMAP as DMAP (DECT Multimedia Access Profile) as the new ETSI Standard (EN 301650) for wireless multimedia applications this development is receiving perceptible and continuous support throughout Europe.

The technology that Dosch & Amand use in MMAP is the wireless telephone standard DECT already used in more than 100 countries. However, for the complicated requirements of wireless data transmission this had to be considerably optimized and expanded, "The efforts needed for multimedia capable DECT data communication, which - like our concept - works with dynamic bandwidth control and a high level of error protection and is also compatible to the existing DECT wireless telephony are enormously complex in terms of specifications and realization," explains Dosch. "It's not just a matter of chance that there were no solutions of this kind on the market prior to the birth of Dosch & Amand".

The process from research, approval of the prototype to the production of the series for the first Dosch & Amand terminal equipment took just about two years: for ISA or PCMCIA cards (for PC and notebook), as well as ISDN-DECT basis station (for connection to the NTBA). There is also a special antenna which is connected to the ISA card. "The time necessary for this can be roughly divided into specification, realization of hardware and software, development of a functional prototype, approval of the prototype, market-ready product," explained Dosch. "For this we worked with 25 top-notch engineers with different specialties in communications for 18 months. This is about 50 percent faster than usual in our sector, due to the fact that there were no old debts or bureaucracy existing in the newly founded company." The actual starting signal for founding the company was in January 1997. The company grew quickly and only a few weeks after its founding three employees had been hired. Today Dosch & Amand employs more than 30 highly-qualified experts, in real-time software engineering, in DECT and hardware development, as well as in management and marketing. In the meantime, the high-tech company has also made a name as a competent partner for DECT based wireless home and office communications far beyond the borders of Germany and Europe. "Creating a contemporarily managed company with great social and technological competence was always a goal that I really hoped to realize. With Dosch & Amand and our employees we are very close to that goal," Dosch modestly describes his start-up company.

Dosch & Amand and DECT-MMC
It was a very curious scene: the small high-tech company Dosch & Amand had spread out right next to the trade fair exhibit of the Swedish multinational company, Ericsson. And while Ericsson was holding its traditional cocktail party, their guests were straying in swarms to the small exhibitor next door. Not that the Swedes don't know how to celebrate, but Dosch & Amand was presenting an MMAP standard application - wireless surfing in the Internet at ISDN transmission rates. "Afterwards we had to excuse ourselves to Ericsson," Dosch remembers with amusement. "Then we drank cocktails together." That was in Barcelona in January 1999 at the DECT Global Congress and the collected world of specialists had never seen the likes of this. Previous to this moment experts had viewed data transmission via DECT as a practically impossible task due to the great bandwidth. "Some people wanted to check whether we were really in the Internet at full 128 kilobits per second and not cheating somehow by using a hidden cable," remembers Birgit Amand, who is also Managing Director of Dosch & Amand, responsible for finances, legal affairs and marketing. That was the real birth of DECT-MMC, which was founded jointly by Ascom, Canon, Dosch & Amand, Ericsson, Hagenuk and National Semiconductor before the end of the congress in Barcelona. The DECT-MMC is a worldwide consortium open to companies and organizations and which accepts new members who are interested in joining the "perfect understanding" approach any time.

The goal of DECT-MMC is to open the market for fully compatible DECT data products which are capable of ad-hoc communications among themselves, for example PC cards (PCMCIA, ISA, PCI, USB), printers, scanners, modems, video cameras, Web phones, Web pads, Web TV's, information appliance systems, home multimedia televisions or even set-top boxes. Dosch & Amand plays a key role in DECT-MMC, not only as the initiator of the consortium, but also due to the fact that DMAP will be the focus of further developmental research in transmission technology for DECT terminal equipment which will be marked with DECT-MMC. Dosch & Amand's excellent technical competence in the sector of DECT data transmission is a further reason.

Marketing of Dosch & Amand Terminal Equipment
It is understandable that the new DECT generation with its specifications that integrate voice and data services is being received with great interest by the IT, TC and consumer electronics industry. A simple standard interface with a PnP interface to the high-speed connection, which can be used uniformly by the entire industry is of strategic significance for the sector in the coalescing market of mobile home and office communications. Renowned TC companies and distributors in a number of European countries have already expanded their ISDN terminal equipment program with the ISA and PCMCIA cards and basis station from Dosch & Amand in connection with their own label and product names.

The production of the individual DMAP components has been going on since March 1998 in compliance with the strictest quality guidelines according to DIN EN ISO 9001 in the Deutschland series. Dosch & Amand will continue to offer IT, TC and consumer electronics companies and the industry DMAP, which is protected by numerous patents, and future specifications as OEM product, as well as VAR components for license holders.

Corporate Strategy
In regards to long-term product and corporate concept Birigt Amand says, „In the next few years we want to continue to expand our international market edge with targeted development work and marketing activities and establish the name Dosch & Amand as a global concept for quality in the mobile multimedia communications sector." In order to achieve this „we will continue to cooperate with powerful partners in the TC and IT industries, provided the independence and freedom of our company to make decisions are not endangered.<< Amand is confident that the competitive advantages achieved „can be secured through the experience and know-how of our employees". The objective is "unlimited world marketability of all D&A developments in terms of performance range, quality and price".

Political and Economic Awards
In May 1998 DOSCH & AMAND received one of the coveted awards in the framework of the presentation of the Bavarian Economics Innovation Prize from the Bavarian Minister-President, Dr. Edmund Stoiber, for their "excellent innovative performance in the telecommunications sector".

In October 1999 Dosch & Amand was awarded the »Mittelstandsbetrieb Bayern 1999«

   DOSCH & AMAND is represented in the following organizations:
    ETSI (full member / active member, manufacturing category)
    DECT-Forum (active member)
    DECT-MMC (Founding member) / Franz Dosch, Chairman of the Board
    Bayerische Elite-Akademie (Founding and supporting member)

Further Information:
   Dosch & Amand
    Dipl.-Ing. Franz Dosch
    Scheinerstrasse 9
    D-81679 München

    Tel.: +49 / 89 / 92 20 07-0
    Fax +49 / 89 / 92 20 07-15

    Public Relations GmbH
    Thomas Meyer
    Ungerer Strasse 40
    D-80802 München

    Tel.: +49 / 89 / 388 378-0
    Fax: +49 / 89 / 388 378-20

Please e-mail us your company's press releases for inclusion on DECTweb
Thank you


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