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Press Release

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4th November 1999, Paris, France

More Flexibility for the Customer: New Official Standard Makes Compatibility between Individual Applications from Different Manufacturers Possible

Active role in the creation of a new standard / Application compatibility focuses on benefits for customers / Completely new application scenarios for residential, SoHo and business uses

The HAGENUK GmbH is a business undertaking of the Tiptel AG, Ratingen, with its headquarters in Kiel. The company develops and markets wireless communications equipment based on the European DECT/GAP standard. The product spectrum includes standard wireless telephones for analog connections, for the ISDN network and for modular multi-cell switching equipment with up to 32 radio cells and up to 150 subscribers. The DECT technology is used in the consumer sector, in offices, in businesses and companies, as well as in computer communications, particularly for connecting long-distance and data technology.

Standardized Interface
In addition to being marketed as stand-alone systems, HAGENUK's wireless server solutions are also integrated in larger switching systems from other manufacturers. The DECT peripheral equipment available includes GAP compatible wireless handheld and desktop telephones, as well as wireless adapters for analog telephones, fax machines and answering machines. The DECT air interface is completely standardized for voice applications within the common GAP standard. The DMAP standard (EN301650) for DECT data transmission makes it possible to use wireless DECT systems for multimedia transmissions and Internet access.

Advantages of DECT Technology
One particular advantage of DECT technology in comparison to other types of technology (e.g. GSM) is the high subscriber density. At 1.8 GHz, the frequency spectrum is designed exclusively for DECT equipment. The dynamic channel allocation allows for collision-free DECT communication in this frequency band and thus avoids corresponding problems with broadband transmission in the 2.4 GHz ISM band.

DMAP with DECT dynamic channel allocation makes bandwidth available for multimedia at home and in the office as required. The continued standardization for transmission rates up to 2 MBit on the air interface also guarantees the use of DECT for future requirements for multimedia transmissions. In comparison to GSM and WLAN 802.11 this standard makes a particularly cost-effective use of wireless in-house communication possible. Reliable coverage can be achieved both inside and outside the building with a justifiable expenditure.

Large Market for Wireless Applications
HAGENUK offers a complete family of systems for home and office use for wireless voice and data transmissions. The consistent and logical use of the GAP standard makes inter-operative use possible with products from different manufacturers.

Dipl.-Ing. (Graduate Engineer) Andreas Schönknecht, Director of Product Marketing at Hagenuk, comments on this, "A common media for the simultaneous, parallel utilization of data in consideration of an official standard opens up a wide portfolio to customers by providing compatibility between various applications from different suppliers. Thus, customer satisfaction in the framework of increased flexibility has definitely been taken into consideration."

DMAP compatible data equipment creates a huge market for a wide variety of wireless applications. DECT-MMC helps to guarantee the compatibility of DMAP compatible products among one another. This is just one more reason why HAGENUK, as one of the founding members, is one of the first companies to join the DECT-MultiMediaConsortium.

Your contact person
   Dipl. Ing. Andreas Schönknecht
    Director Product Marketing
    Westring 431 - D-24118 Kiel

    Tel.: +49 / 431 / 88 18-1 93
    Fax +49 / 431 / 88 18-3 31

Please e-mail us your company's press releases for inclusion on DECTweb
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