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Press Release

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4th November 1999, Paris, France

Home Multimedia Television
Loewe Xelos @media product line / integrated solution for digital televisions and DVD / member at DECT MultiMediaConsortium

The Loewe Xelos @media line of products give the TV viewer full access to the Internet and places CD ROM data on the television screen. Xelos @media products are capable of receiving both digital and analogue TV signals. Hardware and software are combined into a single home multimedia solution. And the Loewe Channel makes "surfing" the World Wide Web unimaginably easy.

Since October 1999 Loewe AG has been official member at DECT MultiMediaConsortium to support wireless ISDN-connections. Loewe makes use of this technology in order to connect home multimedia televisions wireless to the online-world.

Xelos @media brings multimedia into the living room – an "electronic fireplace" for the whole family. Brilliant picture quality and 100 Hz electronics guarantee that this television will stay up to date for years to come. At the touch of a button, the integrated software is automatically updated via Internet. This ensures that the programs are always available in the latest version.

Loewe home multimedia televisions with powerful 16-bit electronics are available in two basic configurations. The Xelos @media TV-Online provides access to the Internet and e-mail with an integrated ISDN card. This model also includes a Home Organizer for taking notes and keeping track of important appointments.

Xelos @media TV-Active not only offers all of the online functions via ISDN, it also has a built-in CD ROM and diskette drive. The CD ROM can easily be replaced with t DVD drive which, in addition to video discs, is also capable of playing audio CDs and reading CD ROMs.

All cable and connections between the various components are hidden away inside the TV itself or in the Xelos rack. Another design advantage is that all Xelos @media products are operated with one single remote control handset featuring a mini joystick. An optional infrared-controlled keyboard is also available from Loewe and is ideal for typing e-mail or long Internet addresses.

Switching between the TV picture and the 4:3 format home multimedia screen is simple. While the current TV channel is shown in miniature on one side of the screen, the two images can be swapped at the touch of a button.

"Gone shopping, will be back at 4 o'clock". A yellow note appears as an electronic memo on the home multimedia TV screen. The Xelos @media serves as a home message centre. Up to three messages can be "pasted" on the screen along with the time and a date calendar.

Appointment reminders and notification of new e-mail scroll across the bottom of the screen while the TV current programme is in progress.

Xelos @media online televisions are capable of sending electronic correspondence (e-mail) to anywhere in the world for the cost of a local phone call. All from the comfort of home. No envelopes, no postage and the mail arrives in a matter of minutes.

As easy as watching TV: Loewe offers quick and easy access to the Top 100 Internet sites via the Loewe Channel. Xelos @media also organizes and stores online information according to user profiles. For example, if the user is especially interested in travel, "my channel" automatically signals the presence of new information as it becomes available.

TV-Active shows electronic slide presentations with photos from a digital camera or photo CD at the touch of a button. With a simple upgrade, videophone calls can also be made via the TV. Xelos @media online products can be electronically secured via a programmable code number to prevent unauthorized Internet access. As with all Loewe televisions, specific TV channels can also be deactivated with the Parental Lock control.

Created by Phoenix Product Design, the styling of the Xelos @media accentuates the technical character of the product line. The extremely flat screen blends smoothly into the front of the cabinet. Even the back of the Xelos @media is carefully designed so that the unit can be placed in the centre of a room like a sculptured work of art.

Xelos @media televisions are available in the colours Graphite and Arctic Silver.

Your contact person
    Loewe AG - Press & PR
    Dr. Roland Raithel
    Industriestrasse 11 - D-96317 Kronach

    Tel:          +49 / 9261 / 99-0

Please e-mail us your company's press releases for inclusion on DECTweb
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