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Press Release

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10th January 2000, Denmark

New Handset from Kirk Telecom

KIRK Telecom KIRK Telecom is a Danish producer of advanced telecommunications solutions that break with conventional standards in the areas of design and functionality. In order to maintain the position as one of the market leaders in business DECT systems, the department for Research and Development has developed a new handset, not only for the KIRK dect-z 1500 cordless telephone system, but for any system compatible with the DECT/GAP standard.

The new handset from KIRK telecom – KIRK Z-3040 – is packed with a wide range of advanced features and facilities. Below you will find a few examples of the functions that the technical wizards have managed to include in the KIRK Z-3040 handset:

CCITT Alphanumeric Keyboard
Telephone book with room for 80 numbers
Programming of 2 different set-ups (for example indoor/outdoor mode)
36 character display with backlight
Stack for 10 caller-ID presentations
Stack for 10 redial presentations
9 different ringertones and adjustable ringer volume
Headset connection

"The KIRK Z-3040 handset from KIRK telecom is not supposed to replace the original KIRK dect-z handset, which users of DECT systems all over the world have come to love," states Peter Skov, Managing Director KIRK telecom. "We have no intention of withdrawing a modern, technologically advanced product from the market. Actually we have improved the dect-z handset with new software and a built-in vibrator as standard. And with the introduction of the new KIRK Z-3040 handset as a complementary product, we hope to satisfy even more users of state-of-the-art cordless telecommunication."

"We are rather proud of ourselves for being able to create a handset with a brand new and unique design – and still end up with a product with far more features than most conventional telephones. A small and elegant unit created for people who make demands," says Peter Skov.

"Technically the KIRK Z-3040 handset offers plenty of future possibilities" says Dion Nielsen, Head of Research & Development at KIRK telecom. "Implementation of paging functions in the handset makes it indispensable in a number of areas. In the health sector for example, it will be possible for

patients to automatically page a nurse from their beds. Using interactive applications from the handset to control equipment creates numerous other possibilities. You can, for example, use the KIRK Z-3040 handset to look into a stored database," Dion Nielsen continues.

"The handset can be subscribed to four systems at a time, giving you the freedom to switch between systems and use the handset in any environment covered by a DECT system – at work, at home etc. The open interface specifications of the handset also give you the opportunity of using it with your own DECT applications, or you can simply buy an application from another supplier – and subscribe KIRK Z-3040 handsets to this," explains Dion Nielsen.

KIRK telecom and KIRK distributors all over the world are definitely looking forward to showing everybody the design and functionality of the new handset. For more information on the new KIRK Z-3040 handset or other KIRK telecom products please consult the KIRK telecom website

Further InformationFurther Information
For press info and download photos, press material etc, please contact the KIRK distributor in your country. Addresses, telephone numbers and contact persons from KIRK distributors can be found on the Kirk Telecom website

Please e-mail us your company's press releases for inclusion on DECTweb
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