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Press Release

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29th February 2000, Sydney, Australia

Multi Base-Station Cordless Solution offers Full Handover

By combining a DECT single-line radio base station with multiple DECT cordless repeater base stations, Wavelink Communications have developed a cordless telephone solution which can provide cost effective telephone coverage over large areas. With the ability to support up to 8 handsets which are able to intercom each other and/or share access to the external telephone line, the system supports full handover of conversations as users move between base station coverage areas.

One of the biggest limitations of traditional cordless phones is that users are constrained by the coverage area offered by the cordless phone. Within buildings, this may be as little as 25-50m for most analogue cordless phones. While acceptable for most domestic users, this coverage is usually inadequate for commercial users in multi-storey buildings, warehouses, factories, construction sites etc. Another constraint facing traditional cordless phone users is that most of these phones only support a single handset. Once again, this is often impractical on large commercial sites. Many of these users have turned to using mobile phones onsite, at considerable ongoing expense.

Wavelink’s solution, which overcomes all of these limitations, is comprised of the following elements:

Single-Line DECT Base StationSingle-Line DECT Base Station
The base station connects either directly to a normal PSTN telephone line or to an analogue extension of a PABX. Up to 8 handsets with unique internal extension numbers can be logged on to the base, providing for intercom communication between handsets as well as access to an external telephone line.

Cordless Handsets (Kirk Z-3040)
Each cordless handset is supplied with its own charger. Weighing in at only 121 grams, the handsets are extremely portable, but pack several heavyweight features including vibrating ringer, headset jack, large backlit display, 80 number memory and adjustable volume control. Battery life is an impressive 10 hours talk and 90 hours standby. Each handset is supplied with a leather case with belt clip.

Cordless Repeater Base StationsCordless Repeater Base Stations
Up to 6 cordless repeaters can be logged onto the single-line base station, dramatically expanding the coverage area. Being cordless, no telephone cabling to the repeaters is required (local AC power is required). This makes installing cordless repeaters extremely simple and cost effective. Altering the coverage area to meet changing requirements is as simple as moving cordless repeaters to a new location. With the aid of an optional external directional antenna, cordless repeaters may be located up to 1 km (line of sight) from the base station.

By providing overlapping areas of coverage between the base station and repeaters, the system acts like a mini mobile phone network. Conversations are transferred seamlessly from cell to cell as users move anywhere within the coverage area.

DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) is recognised as the leading digital cordless technology in the world for wireless PABX applications. Over 25 million DECT products have already been sold worldwide, with growth rates forecasted to exceed 50% per annum in coming years. In excess of 100 countries have already allocated frequency spectrum for DECT, with over 200 different types of products already on the market.

Founded in early 1998, Wavelink Communications specialises in the supply, marketing and support of a range of leading edge digital wireless telephone systems and associated products that provide cost effective business solutions to Australian organisations. With offices established in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, Wavelink are able to have a local presence covering the bulk of the Australian market. Wavelink is the exclusive Australian distributor for a range of products from Kirk telecom A/S (Denmark) and Hagenuk GmbH (Germany).

Further Information

Jonathan Ordman
Wavelink Communications
Tel: +61 2 9388 9862
Fax: +61 2 9388 9873
Company website:

Please e-mail us your company's press releases for inclusion on DECTweb
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