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Press Release

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27th March 2000, Sydney, Australia

Wavelink / Commtech Form Strategic Alliance

Wavelink Communications and Commtech Wireless have announced a strategic alliance, reaping substantial benefits for both organisations. This alliance follows the development of the interface enabling Commtech generated paging messages to be displayed on Wavelink’s Kirk DECT cordless telephone handsets.

Combining Wavelink’s strengths as a leading Australian supplier of DECT cordless telephony products with Commtech’s dominant role in supplying paging solutions delivers a number of synergies, including:

  • There is a great deal of overlap between users of the Kirk DECT cordless system and Commtech’s family of paging systems (BASEPage and PAGELynx).

  • The products are complementary and fully integrated with each other, providing users with a single on-site portable communications solution. This is in contrast with users today who typically have multiple systems (paging, cordless, 2-way radio, mobile, alarm monitoring etc) on-site which are incompatible.

  • Users requiring voice communication are able to use the Kirk cordless handset to also display their text messages, removing the need to carry multiple devices.

  • Many overlaps exist in the distribution channels for these products.

All paging outputs from Commtech’s paging products are now available for display on individual, or groups, of handsets in the Kirk system, including:

  • Paging messages

  • LAN based text messaging

  • Alarm monitoring (fire, security, manufacturing process control, slot machines etc)

  • Nurse Call

  • E-mail forwarding/notification

E-mail forwarding is a significant new development, as it allows users to view their incoming e-mails on their Kirk cordless handset, for immediate action when away from the desk.

Target users who will benefit from this technology integration include:

  • Hospitality (hotels, resorts, clubs, casinos)

  • Health care (hospitals, clinics, aged care)

  • Manufacturing

  • Mining

  • Defence

  • Retail

The alliance between Wavelink and Commtech opens the door to a host of joint marketing activity, distribution, targeting of national corporate and government customers and several other opportunities. Preliminary discussions have already been held for Commtech to develop additional products to be supplied to Kirk worldwide, with significant export income potential.



















Wavelink Communications specialises in the supply, marketing and support of a range of leading edge digital wireless telephone systems and associated products that provide cost effective business solutions to Australian organisations. With offices established in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, Wavelink are able to have a local presence covering the bulk of the Australian market. Wavelink is the exclusive Australian distributor for a range of products from Kirk telecom A/S (Denmark ) and Hagenuk GmbH (Germany ).

Commtech Wireless is recognised as a world leader in the design and manufacture ofon site and area wide paging infrastructure. Their installation base extends to some one thousand sites in 12 countries, ranging from aged care institutions to national networks. Focussing on the single objective of fully integrating messaging with technology has enabled Commtech to emphasise the software content of their designs, resulting in solutions that provide unparalleled capabilities.

Further Information

Jonathan Ordman
Wavelink Communications
Tel: +61 2 9388 9862
Fax: +61 2 9388 9873
Company website:

Zane Lewis
Commtech Wireless
Tel: +61 8 9242 5651
Fax: +61 8 9242 5652
Company website:

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