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Press Release

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7th July 2000, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Home Wireless Networks' Airway products launched by BT today in London

The two companies have been working together since June 1998 to develop products for the European market in response to the dramatic growth in international services and e-commerce.  At the heart of the product line lies a wireless "Intelligent Gateway" to the global network, which will support all major international standards, including ISDN and xDSL.


BT today launched a unique wireless data and telephony solution.  BT Airway, available from the end of July onwards, is an all-in-one DECT telephone system and wireless computer network.  Designed for small office and home networking, it reaffirms BT's pioneering position in the DECT and wireless market.  Four million users of DECT voice technology already appreciate the combination of crystal clear clarity, with local mobility.  BT Airway extends these benefits to data functions.

This extremely affordable* easy to use, integrated voice and data product is aimed at the ever growing SOHO, small business and teleworking markets, and corporate branch offices.  It enables users to connect up to 16 devices (recommended maximum of four PCs) around the small or home office. The Airway data network connects to a PC via a serial port at up to 115kbis per second and allows several PCs to share an Internet connection, or files and peripherals, such as printers.  Airway also provides a multiple user telephone system, streamlining communications and keeping costs down.  Initially launched with a 4 line plus ISDN capacity, the system is designed to be easily upgradeable from PSTN or BT Highway through ISDN to ADSL and future technologies.

BT Airway has four core components: a controller, data sockets, phone sockets and handsets.  The connections between computers, handsets and the phone and data sockets are wireless, with a range of 50m indoors and 300m outdoors in ideal conditions. The easy to use DECT handsets have several features: caller display; conferencing set up by simple handset controls; call hold, forward and transfer; 50 name and number directory on each handset and central 200 name and number directory for all handsets. An answerphone option is also available with two default greetings and two personal greetings.

Intsallation of Airway is easy.  The Airway data socket is simply plugged into a spare serial socket on the back of the PC and necessary software isloaded by CD-ROM.  Extra lines can be added easily with no internal rewiring, and expansion slots are included for the addition of the integral answering machine and ISDN.

John McGrath, general manager of BT Communication Products says, "Home networking is a huge growth sector.  We predict that over five million UK consumers will start using home networks within the next five years. This is driven partly by the increase in home working, but another major factor is the desire for multiple phone lines in the home to allow access to the Internet.  Wireless networks not only give people great freedom to move around their home and garden while working or using the Internet, but the lack of wires also makes them very aesthetically pleasing, flexible and convenient".

*Note to Editors
A two line BT Airway starter pack is 399 ex VAT, and a four line BT Airway starter pack is 899 ex VAT.  The starter pack includes a handset (two in the four line starter pack), data socket and controller.

For more information please contact:

Barbara L. Stafford
Director, Marketing
Home Wireless Networks
Atlanta, Georgia,

Tel: +1 770 729-3073

Please e-mail us your company's press releases for inclusion on DECTweb
Thank you


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