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10th August 2000, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Home Wireless Networks' Inc. Proclaims the AirWay System as the world's first complete home and small office network

Home Wireless Networks, Inc., has announced that its flagship product, the AirWayTM System, is the world's first Complete Network for homes and small offices. Only AirWay combines the Internet, PC and data functions, and traditional telephone lines into one easy to use system.

"We are developing our products based on the trends we are seeing in the marketplace," said John Taylor, CEO and Chairman of HWN. "Consumers want a way to simplify their lives. They want a way to control and share all of their communication devices, without having to rely on a PC to handle the communications in their home or office. They want a Complete Network for shared Internet, voice and other applications that's built on a reliable, always-on platform, and that's what the AirWay System provides."

Yankee Group analyst Karuna Uppal agrees with Taylor's statement. "Many people are nervous when it comes to doing anything out of the ordinary with their PCs," she said. "PCs will not be the center of the network, since they do not offer the necessary reliability and ease of use. A gateway is essential as soon as you put anything more than two PCs onto a network. With this non-PC-centric approach to networking, and the "Complete" voice and data solution, HWN is clearly headed in the right direction."

AirWay is an easy-to-use, easy-to-install solution, complete with three differentiating features that set it apart from other networking devices currently on the market; no other device offers more than two of these features. The AirWay System combines a Shared Internet Gateway, PBX Functionality and a Wireless LAN, forming a Complete Network.
  1. Shared Internet Gateway - Gives the ability to share a single Internet service provider (ISP) account and connection with all PCs on the network. Every computer is online at the same time, using only one phone line. Additionally, the AirWay TransPort (available in August 2000) will allow users to share one broadband high-speed Internet connection with up to 63 PCs and laptops, completely wirelessly.

  2. PBX functionality - The AirWay System gives homes and small businesses the benefits of a PBX phone system that is both wireless and affordable. Caller ID, call conferencing, call transfer, extension-to-extension calling, etc., are all available with this complete network. The system can also be used in conjunction with a larger or existing PBX to give a mobile employee the freedom to move around the office or warehouse without having to miss a call.

  3. Wireless LAN - The network is not dependent upon electrical lines, inside telephone wiring or a dedicated PC. Instead, AirWay uses digital spread spectrum technology, so the user gets clear and secure voice and data quality. The system uses all unlicensed spectrums (900MHz, 1.9 GHz and 2.4 GHz).
"We believe that consumers today want a complete networked communications solution for their homes and small offices that is simple to install and very easy to use," said Taylor. "Too many competing solutions today form either a LAN or a telephone system; AirWay provides both of these wirelessly, plus a shared Internet connection."

The AirWay System is a combined voice and data network, complete with firewall and internal security measures to protect its users. The system is built around a dedicated network controller, which is an always-on, always available voice switch and TCP/IP router for sharing the Internet wirelessly throughout the home or office. The add-on broadband (DSL, cable modem and other high-speed connections) component, TransPort, will be launched this August, Home Wireless Networks is also a member of WECA (Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance), a consortium dedicated to furthering the interoperability of wireless products that follow the IEEE 802.11b standard, which the AirWay TransPort adheres to.

About AirWay
HWN has created the world's first Complete Network for homes and small businesses, with its AirWay products. The AirWay wireless network for homes and small businesses combines data, Internet and voice communications simultaneously. Through wireless connectivity, the system creates an affordable in-home network where PCs, phones, printers, fax machines and a shared Internet connection can all work together. AirWay products are currently available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Russia.

About Home Wireless Networks
Winner of the 1999 InfoVision award for innovative technologies and services within the telecommunications industry, Home Wireless Networks, Inc. is a private company headquartered in Atlanta, GA with offices in Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans, Milwaukee and Cambridge, U.K. Incorporated in 1996, the company is backed by financial investment from Lucent Technologies, Grotech Capital Group, Alliance Technology Ventures, Klaus Krone, Telnor and Technology and Internet, LLC. DECT-based AirWay products have been developed in BT-funded research by HWN. For more information on the AirWay system, visit or call 1-888-Why-Wire.

For more information please contact:

Barbara L. Stafford
Director, Marketing
Home Wireless Networks
Atlanta, Georgia,

Tel: +1 770 729-3073

Please e-mail us your company's press releases for inclusion on DECTweb
Thank you


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