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Press Release

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30th November 2000, Moscow, Russia

GOODWIN Group, Russia, addresses the “last mile” problem

During summer-autumn 2000 GOODWIN EUROPE (one of the companies forming the GOODWIN Group) undertook cardinal top management changes. Mr. Nikolai Kornev joined the company as General Director, Mr. Anatoly Evdokimov as Commercial Director and Mr. Michael Nagorsky as Chief of R&D Department. These appointments are related to the Group’s strategic plans on expanding its participation in the solution of one of the key problems of Russian telecommunications – the “last mile” problem. Up to that time the Group’s activity was primarily concentrated on design, manufacture and distribution of corded and cordless telephones and other terminal devices.

GOODWIN EUROPE is already well-known in Russian telecommunications as a supplier of equipment for wireless local loop systems.  So far GOODWIN supplied to the Russian market GOODWIN WLL and GOODWIN mini-WLL systems (DECT standard) that incorporated imported equipment from such well-known companies as Philips, Siemens and Urmet. In 1998-2000 such systems were supplied to the operators in Moscow, Moscow region, Orenburg, Taganrog, Kaliningrad, etc. Thus, the company was able to gain significant experience in this field of activity and to create foundation for implementing and introducing domestic R&D results.

GOODWIN has started at its Moscow plant the mass production of the first Russian cordless terminal adapter – GOODWIN TAROUSSA – operating in DECT standard. This product has no analogues on the Russian market and TAROUSSA’s consumer qualities exceed those of similar devices from foreign companies due to its full adaptation to the specific Russian lines. GOODWIN TAROUSSA CTA is fully GAP-compatible – this fact allows it to be used in many DECT-systems: WLL as well as business-systems. Unlike similar devices from other manufacturers it does not require prefixes to interconnect to the PSTN line. Tests on TAROUSSA’s compatibility with most wireless local loop systems have demonstrated positive results.

GOODWIN TAROUSSA is the core part of the terminal equipment set supplied within WLL systems. Besides, GOODWIN designed and started mass production of subscriber antennas and UPS devices. Subscribers to the WLL systems can, of course, use the GOODWIN telephones that are fully compatible with the above equipment.

Next year GOODWIN is launching at its Moscow plant the manufacture of infrastructure equipment for wireless local loop systems based on DECT (controllers, base stations, multiplexers and repeaters). The development is performed jointly by R&D divisions of GOODWIN EUROPE and RASKAT+ (also a company inside the GOODWIN Group). Thus, the GOODWIN Group becomes the only Russian production group capable of  ensuring complete solution to the WLL problem by designing and manufacturing in Russia both subscriber and infrastructure equipment.

As a result, available for the Russian operators will be the GOODWIN BORODINO WLL system providing the cost per subscriber not higher than $400-450 with subsequent decrease down to $350-400. The type approval of the system is expected to take place in early 2001. The start of supply is planned for April 2001.

In parallel with the promotion to the market of GOODWIN BORODINO system, GOODWIN has launched the development of wireless local loop system for disperse population (in the rural area). GOODWIN MOUROM system will integrate solutions based on DECT and wireline access technology MDSL. The system will be demonstrated at the Sviaz-Expocomm’01 exhibition (Moscow).

GOODWIN devices are manufactured at GOODWIN own production site equipped with SMD lines and testing stands from world leading suppliers (Philips, Hewlett-Packard, Marconi, etc.). The plant is ISO 9002 GOST R certified. Modern laser-optic testing used in the quality control system allows the manufacture of products fully meeting international standards.

For more information please contact:

Goodwin website 

Please e-mail us your company's press releases for inclusion on DECTweb
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