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Press Release

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30th November 2000, San Jose, CA, USA

ISS Delivers All-Inclusive Series of ADPCM Coding Solutions Optimized for Variety of Voice Systems

Shrink-wrapped virtual components for ASIC, FPGA deliver 16-1024 channels of G.726/G.727 compliant voice compression

Integrated Silicon Systems (ISS) -- The Multimedia ASVC Company(TM) today announced the immediate availability of a series of semiconductor IP core solutions for adaptive differential pulse code modulation (ADPCM) speech coding applications.

The CS4100 series of ASVCs ("application-specific virtual components'') provide 16 to 1024 simplex channels of speech compression, delivering an optimal solution for rapidly growing markets such as cordless handsets, DECT, voicemail systems, avionics communications and specifically packetized voice systems often referred to as Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP). To meet the needs of these systems, both now and in the future, the CS4100 series is fully compliant with both the ITU G.726 and G.727 standards (including the G.726a and G.727a extensions) and can process either continuous or burst data, an essential requirement in VoIP applications.

"The CS4100 series of IP cores provides a comprehensive ADPCM offering, designed with real applications in mind. One size doesn't fit all, so ISS offers a wide range of ADPCM solutions using architectures optimized for ASIC and FPGA implementation in small, medium or large systems,'' remarked Jordan Selburn, Director of Product Marketing, ISS. "It's essential to consider how an APDCM core works on real silicon. For small systems, we have cores optimized for 8 and 32 channels. At the other end of the spectrum, the CS4100 cores support large systems with over 2000 channels, but even more significantly, ISS delivers ADPCM products off-the-shelf in both single-port and dual-port memory architectures designed to minimize silicon area and cost.''

Broad application
ISS offers a wide range of ADPCM product optimized to meet the requirements of small channel count as well as large channel count systems. Specific members of the family are found in the table below:

     ISS            Max. Simplex  Optima(TM)  Celerity(TM)
Product Number      Channel Count   Version     Version
    CS4110                16           X           X
    CS4120                64           X           X
    CS4125               128           X           X
    CS4130               256           X
    CS4180               512                       X
    CS4190               2048          X           X

Each channel is user-configurable "on-the-fly'' for encode or decode operation, data compression format and ADPCM standard. The CS4100 products support A-law, u-law and uniform PCM signals as specified by the G.711 standard and data rates from 16 to 40 kilobits per second, and can operate in either a G.726 or G.727 mode.

Pricing and Availability
The CS4100 Speech Coding series ASVCs can be purchased directly from ISS or its sales representatives. Prices range from $10k to $90k for single project use. 

Optima(TM) cores and Celerity(TM) cores -- pre-optimized Virtual Components

The company's unique CS4100 series further expands its extensive portfolio of ASVCs for multimedia communications applications. ISS' ASVCs comprise a rich source of fully optimized ``Firm IP'' solutions for single-chip realization of complex systems incorporating image and speech compression, communications channel coding, and digital signal processing. Previously, these systems were implemented in silicon using a selection of discrete ASSPs devices from a variety of different semiconductor suppliers. For ASIC implementations fabricated using standard cell libraries, ISS offers its process-portable Optima(TM) core solutions; ``off-the-shelf'' versions of Optima cores are available for the leading wafer foundries. For FPGA users, ISS offers architecture-optimized Celerity(TM) core solutions, versions of which are available for programmable logic device families from Altera and Xilinx.

About Integrated Silicon Systems
Integrated Silicon Systems Ltd. (ISS) is the leading supplier of application-specific virtual components (ASVCs) for multimedia and communications System-on-a-Chip (SoC) integrated circuits. ISS delivers video/image compression, audio compression, and channel coding solutions for consumer and communications applications. Using proprietary techniques for direct-mapped implementations of digital signal processing functions and algorithms in hardware, ISS develops and licenses IP cores that realize 10X to 1000X improvements in performance compared to conventional implementations using software-programmable DSP microprocessors. ISS is a privately-held company with corporate headquarters in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK and worldwide sales and marketing operations in San Jose, California. For more information, visit the ISS website at

Notes to Editors:
The ISS logo, "The Multimedia ASVC Company,'' Optima and Celerity are trademarks of Integrated Silicon Systems Ltd. All other brand names or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

For more information please contact:

     Integrated Silicon Systems
     Editorial Contacts
     Karen Suty, 408/451-0161 (North America)
     David Mann, +44 28 9050-4040 (Europe)
     Product Marketing Contact
     Jordan Selburn, 408/392-8983

Please e-mail us your company's press releases for inclusion on DECTweb
Thank you


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