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Press Release

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7th February 2001

Simple, Flexible DECT Cordless Now a Reality

Wavelink Communications’ all-new KIRK dect-z System 500 DECT cordless adjunct system offers a simple, flexible and cost effective cordless solution to mid-sized sites. Giving any phone system up to 8 cordless extensions, the KIRK system provides full site coverage via a central base station and up to 6 cordless repeaters. Flexibility and significant cabling cost savings are assured, as telephone cabling is only required to the central base station.

Smaller commercial sites rely on mobile phones (with high call costs) or domestic-style single cell cordless (with large handsets and limited coverage) to achieve mobility. There is then a significant jump in cost to the higher end of the market, which typically uses multi-user/multi-cell solutions with handover such as DECT or CT-3 technology for on-site communication. The KIRK dect-z 500 is the first product on the market to fill this gap between low and high ends.

The dect-z 500 is comprised of 3 elements:

1. Main Base Station/Control Unit
• Interfaces to any phone system via up to 8 analogue extensions.
• The phone system may be located up to 7,000 m from the main base.
• The main base provides 6 simultaneous speech channels for the 8 users, ensuring high traffic capacity.
• A PC interface allows easy system programming and text messaging interface.

2. Cordless Repeaters
• Up to 6 cordless repeaters can be logged onto the system, providing extensive site coverage.
• Achieving the required coverage area is quick, easy and cheap with no cabling required between repeaters and the main base.
• Seamless call handover occurs between the main base and / or repeaters for conversations on the move.
• A repeater can receive its signal from another repeater (up to 3 repeater "jumps" are possible) in a "multi-jump" arrangement, allowing easy expansion of the coverage area.
• Utilising an optional external antenna, a repeater can be remotely located up to 1 km line of sight from the main base or the repeater it is logged on to.

3. KIRK DECT Handsets
Z-3040 handset
o Vibrating ringer
o Headset jack
o Backlit, 3-line display with text messaging capability
o 3 user profiles (indoor / outdoor / silent)
o 80 name/number memory
o 10 hour talk / 90 hour standby
o Calling name/number display between KIRK handsets

Z-3020 handset
o Single line display
o 10 number memory
o Silent mode
o Calling number display between KIRK handsets
o 10 hour talk / 90 hour standby

The dect-z 500 offers the ideal cordless solution to key personnel in a number of industries:
•Healthcare, including private hospitals, emergency departments, nursing homes and retirement homes.
•Hospitality, including hotels, motels, clubs and pubs.
•Retail, including supermarkets, car dealerships, furniture stores and superstores.
•Warehousing / Distribution Centers
•Multi-Level offices, for IT support staff, supervisors and fire wardens.
•Security / Emergency Services

Key benefits of the dect-z System 500 include:
• The system connects simply and easily to any phone system, meaning cordless capability can be achieved at the fraction of the cost of purchasing a new phone system with integrated cordless functionality.
• Significant cost savings are achieved as a result of ease of installation and very limited cabling. Internal calls to other extensions are free and external calls are charged at normal telephone rates.
• Achieving the bulk of cordless coverage via cordless repeaters ensures that the system is very flexible and "forgiving" of mistakes made in planning the coverage area. Unlike traditional DECT systems with corded base stations, coverage can be easily adjusted by just moving cordless repeaters to a better location. Extending coverage is achieved by simply adding cordless repeaters.
• The system supports the display of text messages on the Z-3040 handset and interfaces with paging systems, Nurse Call, alarm monitoring and LAN/e-mail systems.
• An upgrade path exists for users to grow from the dect-z 500 to the KIRK dect-z System 1500, which has capacity for up to 128 cordless users and 32 base stations. Handsets may be retained, ensuring upgrade costs are minimised.

About Wavelink
Wavelink Communications specialises in the supply, marketing and
support of a range of leading edge digital wireless telephone systems and associated products that provide cost effective business solutions to Australian organisations. With offices established in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, Wavelink are able to have a local presence covering the bulk of the Australian market. Wavelink is the exclusive Australian distributor for a range of products from KIRK telecom A/S (Denmark), DeTeWe (Germany) and Hagenuk GmbH (Germany).

For more information please contact:

Jonathan Ordman
Wavelink Communications 
Tel: +61 2 9388-9862
Fax: +61 2 9388-9873

Please e-mail us your company's press releases for inclusion on DECTweb
Thank you


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