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Press Release

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20th March 2001

CDMA Bluetooth Solution

RTX Telecom has recently experienced significant success with a new platform for CDMA TriMode handsets for the US market. Two major CDMA manufacturers have already selected this platform.

The CTIA Wireless Show 2001, held on March 20-22 in Las Vegas, will be the venue where RTX Telecom presents yet another new handset platform. This consists of the RTX TriMode CDMA design, based on LSI and Maxim chipsets and the new RTX Bluetooth chipset.  This cutting edge handset platform is compatible with IS-95C (cdma2000 1xRTT). The Bluetooth interface is compatible with the Bluetooth 1.1 specification and the USB interface is compatible with USB 2.0. The platform is of course also prepared for an IrDA interface.

The distinct advantage here is that the Bluetooth, USB and IrDA interfaces are all available on the same platform, ensuring maximum flexibility for both voice calls and as an interface to any required PDAs, notebooks, etc.  USB is currently the preferred plug & play serial interface, often used for interfacing with notebook devices or even future hands-free automobile kits to create one single common standard for handsets and accessories. RTX Telecom has extensive practical experience in developing USB accessories, including the RTX Bluetooth USB dongle.

Bluetooth provides users with access to the Bluetooth-enabled PDAs and notebooks of the future. The Bluetooth interface also provides problem-free access to Bluetooth headsets, a field in which RTX Telecom has considerable expertise.

"RTX Telecom is the first design house to offer Bluetooth, IrDA and USB interfaces for CDMA handsets using one single platform. Our Bluetooth development experience made it an obvious step to integrate our own Bluetooth chipset into the handset. RTX Telecom's position right at the forefront of Bluetooth development has been highly advantageous here. We are, of course, also working with other 3G standards at the same time-especially the Chinese TD-SCDMA standard," says Jorgen Elbaek, President & CEO of RTX Telecom.  In RTX Telecom's opinion, handsets and wireless enabled PDAs will be key devices in the future, even during the transition to 3G technologies. The handset or PDA will in fact become the user's personal "trusted companion".  RTX Telecom is poised to meet this need, as one of the leading turnkey development companies in this field, and with a full range of in-house development capabilities that include:

- Bluetooth
- USB interfacing
- IrDA
- Integration of openware browsers
- Integration of Tegic T9
- Bluetooth headsets
- Hands-free USB kits for installation in automobiles

About RTX Telecom A/S
RTX Telecom is one of the world's leading independent suppliers of Total Product Development Solutions, focusing exclusively on advanced wireless communication standards such as DECT, Bluetooth, HomeRF and CDMA. RTX Telecom is a highly focused company, solely dedicated to the development and design of advanced wireless communication products. RTX Telecom provides individually tailored turnkey solutions where a customer's specification is turned into a fully tested product, ready for market in the shortest possible time.

For further information, please contact:

Jørgen Elbæk 
President & CEO
RTX Telecom
Tel.: (+45) 9632 2300

Please e-mail us your company's press releases for inclusion on DECTweb
Thank you


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