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Press Release

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22nd November 2001

RTX Telecom has signed a representation agreement with LitePoint Corporation to promote the services and technologies of RTX Telecom in the United States. 

Wireless Partnerships, a LitePoint division, will be promoting RTX Telecom's development solutions in the US market within the areas of Bluetooth, 2.4GHz, DCT and CDMA, as well as other emerging wireless technologies.

Setting up this cooperation with Wireless Partnerships is the first step towards strengthening RTX Telecom's presence in the very important US market. Wireless Partnerships was created in order to represent wireless technology companies with complementary areas of technology and business models, and it comprises a top-level team from the semiconductor and wireless industries. Wireless Partnerships chose to represent RTX Telecom not only because of the latter's leading position in the technology field, but also because of the strong belief that RTX Telecom has both the technology and the staffing capacity to meet and exceed the current and emerging needs of the US wireless market.

"RTX Telecom is the only independent developer to design Bluetooth, CDMA and 2.4GHz solutions under one roof. Their strength in fast time-to-market, platform-based solutions and their extensive product experience translates into significant competitive advantages and savings for its customers. This newly established presence in Silicon Valley - the stronghold of technology - moves RTX closer to a great many decision-makers in the wireless technology arena," says Dr. Benny Madsen, President and founder of LitePoint Corporation.

"The US market is an important one for RTX Telecom and has been for many years. Cooperation with LitePoint will strengthen our position in the market significantly due to the great experience of the LitePoint team, among other things," says Jens Jungersen, Sales and Marketing Director at RTX Telecom.

About RTX Telecom
RTX Telecom is one of the world's leading independent suppliers of Total Product Development Solutions, focusing exclusively on advanced wireless communication standards such as DECT, Bluetooth and CDMA. RTX Telecom is a highly focused company, solely dedicated to the development and design of advanced wireless communication products for the telecommunications, manufacturing and medical industries. RTX Telecom provides individually tailored turnkey solutions where a customer's specification is turned into a fully tested product, ready for market in the shortest possible time.

RTX Telecom is listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange and is an associated member of Bluetooth SIG.

RTX Telecom is headquartered at Stroemmen 6, DK-9400 Noerresundby, Denmark, tel: +45 9623 2300. Fax: +45 9632 2310. Web site: <> .  Contact: Jens Jungersen, Sales & Marketing Director


About LitePoint Corporation and Wireless Partnerships 
LitePoint Corporation is a wireless technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley. LitePoint Corporation's expertise focuses on wireless broadband technologies, specifically Wideband Code Division Multiple-Access (WCDMA), Vector Orthogonal Frequency Multiplexing (OFDM), and Bluetooth. LitePoint is also developing 3G protocol technologies that enable cellular phones and wireless communicators to be used as gateways to access information anywhere, anytime. Wireless Partnerships, a division of LitePoint, is a centre for Wireless Excellence, a business development arm representing wireless technology companies that are leaders in their fields. Through its broad technology base, Wireless Partnerships offers customers a concentration of wireless competence unmatched in the industry allowing for the development and deployment of platform-based, fast time-to-market, low-cost, turnkey, wireless solutions.

LitePoint Corporation and Wireless Partnerships are located at 2635 N 1st Street, San Jose, CA 95134, USA, tel: +1 408 456 0112.
Web site: <>
, <> . 

Contact: Spiros N. Bouas,
Managing Partner.

Please e-mail us your company's press releases for inclusion on DECTweb
Thank you


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