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Austin Texas, USA - 4th May 2001

Siemens Initiates First Demonstration of Voice Call Using HomeRF in Lab Environment
Technology Enabled Using HomeRF 2.0 and Proxim Voice Data Module

Siemens, the leading global authority in defining the voice component of the HomeRF integrated voice and data wireless networking standard, today announced the industry's first HomeRF voice call demonstration in a lab environment. HomeRF allows consumers to securely and easily share Internet access on PCs and Internet appliances in their homes without wires. The integrated voice capability demonstrated today will enable high-quality voice calls and unified voice-data messaging over broadband services, opening up new communications options for consumers.

Development teams from Siemens and Proxim demonstrated HomeRF as the only current wireless local area network (LAN) technology with integrated voice and data capabilities. The actual demonstration consisted of a voice call from a Siemens cordless handset through a Proxim Voice Data Module (VDM) gateway to a standard phone line. The demonstration marks a collaborative work-in-progress with teams from Proxim, Austin; Siemens, Austin and Siemens, Bocholt (Germany). The teams have worked together for the past twelve months to bring this technology to this stage.

"This industry milestone confirms the viability of HomeRF voice and that it is currently the only known wireless LAN technology to embrace full integration of both voice and data capabilities,'' said Kevin Duffy, vice president of Home Networking for Siemens. "We are delivering on our earlier promise that we'd have working voice systems this spring, public demonstrations in early summer over broadband and field trial systems in the fall with broadband service providers.''

The demonstration also validates the HomeRF voice technology from the silicon through the system architecture. Combining four dedicated channels of high quality digital voice with 10 Mbps data transmissions in a single wireless protocol enables an entirely new generation of voice-data applications and services. Flexible and extensible voice-data applications are in development for PCs, web pads and many other devices in home and small office networks. Telephone carriers, home automation companies and independent software vendors can easily leverage and expand these applications for advanced services that bring value to customers. The long-held promise of voice-data convergence and unified messaging is now becoming a reality for consumers.

"With today's voice demonstration, Siemens and Proxim are proving that high quality, integrated voice and data over a single wireless home network will be a reality in the near future,'' said HomeRF Working Group (HRFWG) chairperson Ken Haase. "The next step for us is to demonstrate HomeRF voice on top of cable and DSL platforms this summer.''

As a HRFWG member, Siemens' efforts to date have centered on leading the refinement and delivery of the voice communications element of the HomeRF networking specification by integrating DECT (digitally enhanced cordless telephony), the world's most successful cordless standard, with HomeRF's high-speed data and entertainment networking.

HomeRF supports all popular CLASS service features like call waiting, caller ID, forwarding to individual handsets, distinctive ringing, 911 breakthrough and more on an interoperable basis by providing a standard specification designed to move DECT forward to worldwide application with data and streaming media support at 10 Mbps and beyond. HomeRF is the only wireless home networking standard that provides for simultaneous support of up to eight toll-quality voice connections, eight prioritized streaming media sessions and multiple Internet and network resource connections at broadband speeds.

The recently restructured HRFWG is comprised of a new promoter group that includes Compaq, Motorola, National Semiconductor and Proxim in addition to Siemens. The promoter group reflects the broad range of applications for HomeRF technology by extending beyond PC companies to now include consumer electronics, semiconductor, and cordless voice technology representation, thus further strengthening HomeRF as the front-runner of wireless home networking.

Siemens intends to begin field trials in the fall and release product to business partners in early 2002.

About The  HomeRF Working Group
Launched in March 1998, the Home Radio Frequency Working Group (HRFWG) has developed a single specification for a broad range of interoperable consumer devices. HomeRF is an open industry specification that allows PCs, peripherals, cordless telephones and other consumer electronic devices to share and communicate voice and data in and around the home without the complication and expense associated with running new wires. HomeRF-compliant products operate in the license-free 2.4GHz frequency band and utilize frequency-hopping spread spectrum RF technology for secure and robust wireless communications.

Membership in the group includes more than 50 companies made up of leading companies across the PC, consumer electronics, networking, peripherals, communications, software, retail channel, home control and semiconductor industries worldwide.

About Siemens
Siemens AG is a leading global electronics and engineering company. It generated worldwide sales of $73.8 billion in fiscal 2000 (10/1/99 - 9/30/00) and employs over 460,000 people in 193 countries. The United States is Siemens' largest market, with sales in excess of $16 billion and over 80,000 employees. Siemens is a leading provider of advanced technology solutions in the information and communications, medical, power, automation and control, transportation and lighting sectors.

HomeRF is a trademark of the Home Radio Frequency Working Group. All other trademarks, brand and product names are the property of their respective owners. For more HomeRF media information, please contact . For all other HomeRF information, please visit

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Please e-mail us your company's press releases for inclusion on DECTweb
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