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Press Release

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Amsterdam, Netherlands - 14th September 2001

Pace Adds 802.11b to Home Networking Portfolio

Pace Micro Technology has widened the reach of its home networking portfolio, with the integration of a second wireless networking standard, 802.11b, into its home networking technology. With two proven, established and robust wireless technologies in its portfolio - DECT and now 802.11b, Pace now has a `global' home networking solution that is able to meet the needs of operators worldwide.

Pace is working with Agere Systems, the leader in communication components, to integrate WiFi compatible 802.11b wireless technology into its Gateway Expander range of products. Pace's Gateway Expander is key to the company's evolution of the digital set-top box as an interactive home gateway, within the networked home. Plugged into the home gateway, Pace's Gateway Expander establishes the home network, enabling two-way communication from the external broadband network to peripheral electronic devices connected around the home.

Pace will use IBC2001 to demonstrate how its 802.11b and DECT-enabled Gateway Expanders provide wireless connectivity from the home gateway to multiple electronic devices in the home, including PCs, telephone handsets and hand-held devices. Looking to the future, Pace has the capability to integrate both 802.11b and DECT wireless standards into one Gateway Expander, enabling simultaneous communication with the widest range of devices.

"Pace's choice of 802.11b and DECT wireless connectivity is part of our 'no new wires' approach to home networking,'' said Andy Trott, CEO of Networks & Connected Devices for Pace. "To ensure home networking is easy to install and accessible for the mass market, and to avoid the cost and inconvenience of re-wiring consumers homes, Pace is using a combination of wireless and existing wired technologies to link electronic devices within the home.

"Falling costs due to the success of 802.11b equipment in the corporate market, combined with an ever-growing number of 802.11b compatible devices, makes this a key wireless technology for Pace's networked home,'' he added. "Pace has a long history of integrating `best of breed' technologies that meet the needs of ourselves and our customers. This is especially important in the residential wireless networking area, and we are convinced that Agere 802.11b technology offers an unrivalled combination in terms of performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness.''

About Pace Micro Technology
Pace Micro Technology plc is a pioneer of digital technology for the home and has helped build the global market for pay television services. Using this expertise, Pace is evolving the set-top box into a home gateway to enable sophisticated services for TV and the networked home. In this networked home, the Pace home gateway is the portal for interactive communications, for consumer devices and services to interact with each other and the outside world.

Pace analogue and digital technology has been installed in over thirteen million homes worldwide since it was founded in 1982. The company is now actively involved in all digital platforms - satellite, terrestrial, cable, wireless and xDSL - through alliances with broadcasters, network operators and technology partners in the UK, USA, Europe, Latin America, Australasia and the Far East. These achievements were made possible through the commitment of Pace's 1400 strong workforce, over a third of whom are research and development engineers, dedicated to the development of digital technology for the home and small and home office markets.

Pace's head office is in Shipley West Yorkshire, with further offices in Bracknell, Cambridge, the USA and Hong Kong. The company's shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange.


For more information please contact:

Pace Micro Technology, Shipley West Yorkshire, England
Amanda David, +44(0)1274 537093
Helen Kettleborough, +44(0)1274 538005

Please e-mail us your company's press releases for inclusion on DECTweb
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