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Press Release

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4th December 2001

Binatone - First with entry level Dect.

Binatone, always at the forefront of Dect technology, has created an industry first, it has designed and launched the world's first Micro Dect cordless telephone at an entry level price point. Dect cordless telephones, traditionally designed as a premium price product since its conception, will now, thanks to Binatone, be affordable to everyone. 

Following extensive research into consumer demands, Binatone has created a specially designed, completely new range of Micro Dect cordless concepts. For this price category they are the smallest, just 12 cm (4.75") yet are still packed with the latest technological features. The new range comes in various configurations along with many expansion options and has so far been introduced to the UK and German markets only. Due to the instant success of the products in these two markets, Binatone was unable to supply other markets. Capacity has now been increased to meet the overwhelming demand and hence, these products are now available for sale in other countries too, from December 2001. For further information please contact Binatone Hong Kong.

Binatone's Group Sales and Marketing Director, Dino Lalvani from their Hong Kong Head Office said,"The first step was to make Dect more affordable. The second, was to make them exciting. Landline phones have moved into their next phase and we expect to be launching next year even greater facilities and services then ever before."

The challenge for the Binatone design team was to give them the Mobile look-a-like treatment; the result is a choice of compact handsets with full two-way handsfree speaker phone facility, digital answer machine, caller display and a special blue backlit LCD, as well as the use of a plug-in headset, for private listening and interchangeable coloured fascia's. The options are endless.

The story does not stop there, these systems are fully expandable, one base station will recognise up to five other handsets, allowing the transfer of incoming calls, and of course only one phone point will run the whole system.

Binatone has made the most from this facility by offering their Micro Dect product options in both, twins, triples and even sets of quad. Individual additional handsets can be purchased too. These new Micro Dect cordless telephone concepts are for the home and the office as they are compatible to most PBX set-ups.

Please e-mail us your company's press releases for inclusion on DECTweb
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