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April 22, 2002

RTX Telecom opens sales representation office in Seoul, South Korea
As part of RTX Telecom’s strategy to continue expansion of its sales activities and to be in closer contact with important customers and market areas, RTX Telecom has signed an agreement with the Korean company Imega regarding the representation of RTX Telecom in Korea.

Imega is a startup company that focuses on wireless communication products and technologies. The business vision for Imega is to act as the intermediate party in technology transfer projects involving both Korean companies and other enterprises in the international market.

Imega’s managing director and founder, Paul Kim, is an old acquaintance of RTX Telecom. Paul Kim previously worked as managing director for LSI Logic, Korea, primarily focusing on market development for wireless communication products, wireless infrastructure, ASIC solutions and expansion of the set-top box market. Paul Kim has more than 20 years’ experience in the Korean electronics industry and has held several executive positions in leading companies.

RTX Telecom has worked in close co-operation with LSI Logic and its sales organisations worldwide, on a market and customer strategic basis, for several years. The agreement with Imega ensures that these well-established customer relations will continue.

Jørgen Elbæk, managing director at RTX, sees many positive opportunities in conjunction with the working relationship: “It seemed very natural to establish this partnership. One of Paul Kim’s remarkable qualities is his ability to build up close, high-level relationships with the key management in major companies, a quality that RTX Telecom considers to be very important for its market penetration and a condition for achieving the expected sales growth in South Korea as well. South Korea is a very interesting market for RTX Telecom and the partnership with Imega will help us to bridge any cultural gaps. We are convinced that Paul Kim and Imega are perfect partners for RTX Telecom.”

Paul Kim says: “I am really proud of having an opportunity to work with RTX Telecom, which is one of the world’s leading suppliers of design services for the wireless communications market, with advanced technologies and solutions, a competent management and exceptionally skilled staff.

I have great belief in our success in the Korean market, since RTX Telecom and Imega make an excellent combination.”

Please contact managing director Jørgen Elbæk on +45 96 32 23 00
for answers to any questions and for further information.

The announcement is also available on RTX Telecom’s web site at

Please e-mail us your company's press releases for inclusion on DECTweb
Thank you

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