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26th November 2002

TOPCOM releases new SMS-Enabled Cordless Phone in Ireland with Letterwise Software
Designed by Inventel with predictive-text software from Eatoni Ergonomics the Butler 2561 with SMS-function also sends email and faxes in 5 languages.

NEW YORK /HEVERLEE, BELGIUM/PARIS - A new generation of SMS-enabled phones designed by Paris-based firm Inventel and using the predictive-text entry software LetterWise from Eatoni Ergonomics has just been released in Ireland by Topcom, Howard Gutowitz, Eatoni CEO announced today.

The new cordless phone, Butler 2561, sends and receives SMS messages in five languages. Text messages can be communicated between the Butler 2561 and mobile phones, email, FAX and other cordless DECT phones.
Topcom also is distributing the phone in Germany and Spain and says it will introduce Butler 2561 /2562 in all the European countries as soon as the protocol for landline SMS is established. In the Netherlands, for example,
the protocol has been released and the network will be ready in Q1 2003.

From that moment on, Topcom will be the first to introduce the SMS phone in the Netherlands, according to a company spokesperson. "We are delighted that Topcom has chosen LetterWise as the predictive-text
solution for its newest generation of cordless phones," Gutowitz said. " Topcom is among the leaders in exploring new and better ways to apply SMS in the home and business environments."

"Topcom chose Eatoni's LetterWise because it is so very easy to use and offers great linguistic diversity," said Nico De Nutte, Topcom's Export Manager "We are proud to have brought this attractive and versatile phone to
the rapidly growing SMS DECT market, and anticipate great success." Inventel was the first to bring Eatoni's predictive text-entry solution LetterWise to the marketplace, said Sebastien de La Bastie, Inventel
marketing director. "Inventel was the first to integrate Eatoni's technology into our phone designs," La Bastie said. "Because Eatoni's technology is much less demanding of memory and processing power than T9 algorithms, Eatoni is in the process of taking over the DECT world. Inventel sees enormous potential
for future applications of SMS texting."

The Butler 256, a full hands free phone with an extra large display, is available for T-NOVA and URMET systems and conforms to ESTI SMS specs. Its SMS function allows the phone to simply and easily send and receive SMS, as well as send faxes and emails, and its multi-phone/multi-base capability results in the creation of a small home or business network. "The Butler 256 is a network in a box, and many small business using the
new Topcom phone will find that there is no need for a PBX," Gutowitz said. "People can talk from one handset to another, conference call, and talk between two handsets internally and have another external call going on."
"The range or mobility can be extended by two or more extra base sets," said De Nutte. "In standby mode the handset always selects the nearest base station for internal and external communications."

Gutowitz said he expects consumers to be offered additional products utilizing SMS as a way of communicating between devices. "The failure of G3 and WAP stands in stark contrast to the terrific success of SMS during
the same period," says Gutowitz. "Consumers are trying to tell us something."

About Eatoni Ergonomics, Inc.:
Eatoni Ergonomics, Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in New
York City, with offices in Barcelona and Moscow. Founded in 2000, Eatoni
Ergonomics develops advanced predictive text-entry software for handheld
devices. Its products have been integrated into a wide range of products and
platforms, including remote controls for TVs, cordless DECT phones, SIM
cards, PDAs, and GSM and CDMA cell phones. For more information about Eatoni
Ergonomics please visit our web site at

About Inventel:
INVENTEL, a French company, is one of the world specialists in wireless
communication solutions and equipment. Founded in 1994 and based in Paris,
the company has developed numerous DECT standard products and in 2002 is
launching a range of Bluetooth (in the > 100 m long range specification) and
802.11b products and solutions. In Bluetooth wireless technology, INVENTEL
is one of the rare companies in the world with mastery of all the software
layers of this standard. It supplies complete products and also modules that
can be used on an OEM basis by its partners.
INVENTEL has the aim of becoming a leader in the supply of turnkey
solutions for wireless communication infrastructure. For this, INVENTEL is
conducting an active policy of partnership with telecommunications
operators, manufacturers or fitters of equipment and service providers. For
all further information:

About Topcom:
Topcom is a producer of cordless telephones, corded telephones, telephone
exchanges, modems and networking products. With a turnover of 28.19 million
EUR in 2001 and a sales network throughout Europe, Topcom is one of the
leading European players in the voice and data communications market. Its
in-house R&D engineering team is a byword for the development of
high-quality voice and data products that combine user-friendliness with a
timeless design. The operational head office of Topcom is in Heverlee
(Belgium). For additional information visit:

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