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May 28, 2002

Showcasing of Malaysian made Unico DECT Phones at CeBit Australia 2002
Orange Communications Pte Ltd, the regional distributors for Digital Cordless Phones made by UNICO Technology Berhad, will be showcasing the latest models from the UNICO Lady Dect series at Cebit Australia 2002. The exhibition will be held in Sydney on 28 May 2002 to 30 May 2002.

About UNICO Lady Dect Series
The UNICO Lady Dect Series, so named after its specially designed contours, boasts a range of digital cordless phones that cater from the basic to the more sophisticated needs of the cordless phone user. The Lady Silver made its debut in the Singapore market in 2000, and its success has prompted the addition of the sophisticated Lady Gold and the less-frills Lady Classique. In September 2001, the Lady Silver was given approval for sale in Malaysia. The proven quality, reliability and design has seen the adoption of the phones in many Singaporean and Malaysian households.

The Lady Classique is the entry model. It is aimed at capturing the market of low-end cordless phone users who want the clarity and long-range benefits of a DECT, but do not want to pay for features that they would never use. It does not have caller-id features, but it still offers the user features like a 25 phonebook memory and a 8 last number redial.

The Lady Silver is the mid-range model, and comes with caller-id type II features. The Lady Gold incorporates all the features available on the Lady Silver, with the addition of a loud speakerphone and a large 4-line LCD.

All models offer a bargain twin-handset package, which they call the MULTIPACK. The package consists of 1 base with its handset, plus 1 additional handset with charger. It is priced at about 10% lower than the phones' individual prices.

UNICO Technology Berhad is a 100% Malaysian owned company with a global presence. UNICO was established in 1992 as an OEM subcontractor in the electronics industry. Most of the senior management came from renowned USA based electronics companies with vast experience in semiconductor and consumer electronics assembly and testing. 40% of their current product mix is in the manufacturing of Telecommunication products, and they have a production capacity of 3 million cordless phones per year.

Sales in Singapore & Malaysia
Orange Communications Pte Ltd is a Singaporean company. Their main business is in distribution of consumer telecommunication products to major retail stores, and to corporations. In 1998 they were awarded the regional distribution rights for UNICO Dect phones. Since then, through their partnership with the major retail stores in Singapore, UNICO Dect phones have captured a major share of the Singapore Dect market. In Malaysia, the phones are distributed through Dancom TT & L Telecommunications, which is an established distributor of telecommunications and office products.

Bringing Unico DECT to Australia
Orange Communications is looking to bring the Unico Lady Dect Series to Australia, which recently opened up the DECT market. The series should be a good addition to the current limited DECT choice in the Australia market. Through its participation at Cebit Australia 2002, Orange Communications is hoping to find a committed distributor with the right network, resources and know-how.

Contact number : 65-64816223 Email :
Website :

Please e-mail us your company's press releases for inclusion on DECTweb
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