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DECT with on-site Messaging Systems

 If you know of a manufacturer or product we've left out, please send us details so we can improve these pages.  Thanks.

Blick Communications Limited
World leader in wire-less products, systems and services that provide protection, location and communications for people at work.
Blick Communications has developed a unique new 2-way messaging system that is unrivalled in staff protection and building evacuation applications.
Messages are confirmed and mobiles monitored for their status and location.

ADEPT - Blickís ADEPT is a unique 2-way wireless messaging system. Messages to and from mobiles are confirmed both automatically and manually, and the location and status of every mobile is continuously monitored. ADEPTís system integrity makes it ideal for critical applications such as staff protection and the management of building evacuations.

Bosch Security Systems 
Company website
The Bosch Security Systems' DECT system supports a raft of paging and messaging features - group messages, more than 10 bleep patterns, message acknowledgement, as well as off hook and on hook features.  The system  is also equipped with personal attack protection - in case of an aggressive situation, the user can press a button and an alarm message is sent to other DECT handsets and/or pagers, with the location where the alarm button is pressed.

Kirk Telecom A/S
Company website
KIRK telecom A/S situated in Horsens, Denmark was established in 1991 but has a history within telecommunication dating back to 1892. KIRK telecom designs, develops, manufactures and markets teleequipment in order to ensure the user easy access to telecommunication services. The equipment is exclusively designed and combines an easy, logical operation with an attractive appearance.

Company website
Multitone, traditionally an on-site paging supplier, offers messaging facilities with the DECT PABX's which it now supplies, allowing paging type capabilities such as group call to be emulated using DECT handsets.  The messaging capability is integrated with TCP/IP, enabling integration with Intranet-based systems.

Access 6000 has been designed as a modular communications solution for small, medium or large business requirements. Scaleable from 60 to 1000 users, single site or networked. Designed to be wall mounted or hidden away Access 6000 enables users alternative route selection, automatic call distribution, DECT mobility for up to 1000 users and computer telephony integration.

On-site Text-Messaging over DECT 
A DECT cordless phone system can be used to receive text messages on the handset's LCD panel.  Such messages can be auto-generated by machine events (for example "number 2 production line stopped") or as freehand messages ("Mr Smith is in reception").   Multitone have introduced these features into their product line.


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