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Handsfree & Headset Products

Cordless headsets using DECT technology are now beginning to become available, giving switchboard and callcentre operators new degrees of freedom.   This new freedom is likely to result in such products finding new applications in roles not normally associated with the use of telephone headsets.  One manufacturer's literature, for example, suggests "Use it while you cook, clean, write letters or water flowers in the garden' !  'Or use it at the office: while you work at the computer or make repairs'.

Ascom Enterprise Communications
A division of Ascom specialising in wireless solutions for 'on-site' business communications

Company website

Handsfree accessories for the Ascom 9d system

Bosch Security Systems 
Company website
Offer a headset with their DECT phones 

DeTeWe offer a lightweight headset with boom microphone which plugs into the top of their DECT handsets.
More radically, they also offer a headset for industrial applications - which incorporates ear defenders !

GN Netcom
Company website  - GN Netcom, based in Denmark, is part of the Great Nordic Group and an innovator in headset technology. 
Satellite DECT - reputed to have been the world's first digital cordless, launched in 1996 not GAP
Ellipse - the latest line of DECT headset products from the company was launched in 1998
Three models available, all weighing lesss than 100g, including battery:
- the Ellipse standard - 150 m range
- the Ellipse LP - 20 m range
- the Ellipse CombiSet - 20m range

Company website
Inventel's DECT handset offers handsfree loudspeaking functionality. The handset can stand on a table and several persons can take part in  the conversation for a conference call. All this handsfree functionality is implemented on a DECT module that can be integrated into a conference call device.

Kirk Telecom
Kirk Telecom offer a hands free headset with their business system which supports automatic 'off-hook' answering for incoming calls and 'on-hook' replacement at the end of a call.

The C311DECT phone from Philips offers a loudspeaking capability, an alternative way to allow handsfree conversation.
The C922 phone offers a headset and microphone, as well as loudspeaking option.

Company Website
Plantronics offer mobile headsets to address the cordless and mobile phone market, next-generation computer audio headset products for computer applications and corded and cordless headsets and systems for the office, small office/home office and call centres.

CA20 DECT Headset allows wireless connection using DECT of up to 50 metres(typical building enviroment) 150m (free space), a 12 hour continuous talktime, Recharge Time: 1 hour, and automatic channel allocation.

CA40 DECT Headset allows wireless connection using DECT of up to 50 metres(typical building enviroment) 150m (free space), a 12 hour continuous talktime, Recharge Time: 3 hours, 7 different receive tone settings, Audio input function, Headset/handset selection, Mute and Pager function, Auto Tx level configuration.

M110 DECT Headset is suited for use either in the car or with selected DECT phones. It features: Over-the-head design, Noise-cancelling microphone for crystal clear calls, Acoustic shock protection protects hearing, Microphone volume adjust switch, Hearing aid compatible

Siemens has recently introduced a headphone set, the Gigaset 2000H, for use with the Gigaset 2000C feature mobile handset.  The headset slides onto the bottom of the normal 2000C handset, with a thin wire connecting to a lightweight headset, and automatically configures the phone for headset usage.

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