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Industrial and 
Intrinsically Safe DECT Products

Intrinsically Safe (IS) wireless products are designed specifically for use in hazardous environments, such as oil refineries, chemical plants, flour mills etc where inflammable gases or explosive dust may be present.  IS products require designs that preclude the possibility of sparks being generated by high electric fields, intermittent electrical connections (eg when changing a battery or when dropped) etc.   Traditionally, only PMR or pager products have generally been designed to IS standards and thus have had something of a monopoly for on-site wireless   communications in such environments.  The advent of IS DECT products means that staff in such environments can now enjoy cordless communication via the normal site telephone system to external contacts as well as on-site employees.

Company Website - search the Alcatel site for more details of their DECT products

Alcatel 200 Ex Reflexes is a specially conceived Ex-approved DECT handset for safe operation in hazardous environments.

Old DECT Models:
The Alcatel 4074 B Ex IS handset, a specially adapted version of the Alcatel 4074 business handset, was launched at the TMA 30 exhibition in the UK.  CENELEC certified to EEx ia IICT4.

Ascom Enterprise Communications
A division of Ascom specialising in wireless solutions for 'on-site' business communications

Company website
Ascom have launched an intrinsically safe DECT system, the Ascom 9d system

The  Basestation BS340/EX - data sheet
The product is made of high quality materials, which ensure corrosion protection and resistance to chemical substances corresponding to the requirements of use in a "normal industrial atmosphere". The dimensions are 250 x 255 x 120 mm.  The coverage test shows that the BS340/EX has a slightly better coverage than a BS330.

Alongside the basestation comes the 9d23 ExProtector, an intrinsically safe handset, part of the Ascom 9d system

Pictures here

TeleCAM incorporating DECT - Ascom have integrated the TCP/IP addressable camera into its telePROTECT 900 and DECT 9d Cordless telephone solutions.  Allowing staff to know what and where incidents occur.  The addressable box allows anyone on the network to view the camera and activate motion detection.  When activated it can send pictures to an email address and notify a pager, duress unit or DECT messenger phone. 

9d23 Protector (DECT) - When working alone and confronted with a dangerous situation, such as a physical attack, machine or equipment failure, etc., Protector's exclusive one button personal alarm function is simple and effective.

Bosch Security Systems - Business Unit Communications Systems
Company website:

Bosch Security Systems/BU Communication Systems is a leading supplier of communication systems and active worldwide. Bosch’s DECT6000 system and handsets offers real choice in communication, i.e. incorporates next to the DECT telephony function as well full paging and personal security functionality with important features like inductive location detection.

 The DECT6000 handsets with over-stretch protected clip, a heavy duty yet elegant range of DECT mobiles, are also KEMA certified to Eex ib IIC T3 and II 2G3D T50°C for gas and dust protection.

 Bosch’s DECT product range as well includes an Intrinsically Safe DECT repeater station KEMA certified to Eex me [ib] IIC T6 and II 2GD T85°C for gas and dust protection. The advantage of using a DECT repeater in hazardous environments is that there is no wired connection to the DECT-controller, which would need to be secured. Industrial protection is IP66.

 Also Bosch’s inductive Location Beacon is KEMA certified to Eex ib IIC T5 and II 2GD T100°C for gas and dust protection. The connection to the DECT system is over the air. Power must be provided by a current limited 12V power supply. The Beacon has an Industrial protection is IP 65.

Nortel Networks
Company website

C4010 Ex DECT Handset Product Brief (198 Kb) - The C4010Ex DECT intrinsically safe cordless handset is a specialist handset for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

C4010x Intrinsically safe handset - Suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres such as the chemical and oil industries. Approved to: EN 50020 (IS), Class Ee x ia 11C T4 intrinsic safety, EN50014 (general rules). 

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