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Guide to ETSI DECT Resources

The DECT technical standards have been developed under the auspices of and published by ETSI.  These pages will help you find the document you are looking for, check its status and download a copy from ETSI.

How to get a copy of the DECT  document you want ...
Below you will find the published DECT documents listed by category to enable those unfamiliar with exactly what they are looking for to find the relevant specification. 

Find - If you know the name, subject or reference number of the document you are looking for,  you may wish to use our DECTweb site search engine to quickly locate references to it within DECTweb.

Find - You may also use the comprehensive ETSI search engine to locate it within the ETSI site.  Note that the ETSI site provides on-line access to the latest information on the standards status - thus this search will be more up-to-date and comprehensive than the abridged summaries given on DECTweb.  On the other hand, the results of this search can be comprehensive, large and a bit bewildering to the newcomer.

Download - Once you know the full reference details of the docuement you are looking for, you can  download a copy direct from the ETSI site.


Types of ETSI Documents
Several categories of documents relevant to DECT are available from ETSI including:

    *    EN - European Norm
    *    ETR - ETSI Technical Report
    *    ETS - ETSI Technical Specifications

    *    TBR - Technical Basis for Regulation
The ETS has been superceded by the term EN - European Norm - a change only of nomenclature to align ETSI specifications with the same terminology as that of CEN and CENELEC).


Search the ETSI DECT Standards Database
We are very grateful to ETSI for their help in providing search facilities which enable DECTweb members to locate the up to date status of all  the DECT standards.  You may click below for an up-to-the-minute status report on all the ETSI DECT standards - please be patient, the engine will take a little time to download the comprehensive results of the search.   You may programme the search for the type of ETSI document you are looking for and you may search by date and by current status.

Click  here to search the ETSI database Logo ETSI.gif (2513 bytes)

Download DECT Standards
Reflecting a policy of encouraging easier access to technical standards information and faster implementation, ETSI has introduced a mechanism for on-line download of its standards.  Before visiting the ETSI website to download you will probably however wish to decide which are the relevant standards documents that you need.

This page, and the others referred to at the bottom of this page, enable you to identify the number and title of the ETSI standard document that you may require.  We recommend that you locate the document number of the relevant standard first, then click on the link above to access the ETSI site to search forthe document you require.

ETSI Technical Reports, ETRs

ETSI technical Reports, ETR's, provide a helpful overview of some of the key issues associated with the DECT standards and operation of DECT based systems.

ETR 042 A guide to DECT features that influence the traffic capacity and the maintenance of high radio link transmission quality. including the results of simulations
ETR 043 Common Interface services and facilities requirements specification
ETR 159 DECT wide area mobility using GSM
ETR 178 A high level guide to the DECT standardisation
ETSI TR 102 183 V1.2.1 Conformance testing on DECT equipment
ETR 185 Data Services Profile overview
ETR 246 Application of DECT Wireless Relay Stations (WRS)
ETR 341 DECT/GSM IWP profile overview

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ETSI Technical Specifications and European Norms

ETSI Technical Specifications, ETS's, and European Norms, ENs, make rather dry but effective bedtime reading and unfortunately are probably what you need if you want to start designing DECT equipment from scratch.  Definitely for the engineering types rather than the marketeers amongst us. 
Those who want a potted pre-digested version of the baseline standards and the profiles may prefer chapters 19 and 20 of the book Cordless Telecommunications Worldwide.

We have produced an overview Guide to Published Standards which lists and categorises those standards already published by ETSI, which may be found here.   Many other standards documents are still in the committee stage or even effectively finalised, but not yet formally published - details of these may be found by using the ETSI search engine below.

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