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DECTweb aims to bring you occasional timely feature articles from well known names in the cordless telecommunications industry.   If you feel you would be a suitable contributor and would like to offer an article for consideration please e-mail us with your biographical details and an outline for the proposed feature. 

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Logo CeBIT2000.gif (3561 bytes)

DECT @ CeBIT 2000
A Preview

Each year DECT features at CeBIT, with both new product releases and previews of forthcomiong developments. This year is no exception.  On this page we are listing the DECT exhibitors that  DECTweb is aware of at CeBIT with details of their products where these have been provided to us.  

If your company is exhibiting DECT products at CeBIT, please give us more details and we'll add them to the information provided  below.
Thank you.

Location:  Hall 16, Stand A08

Asiabell Telecom Inc
Asiabell are a DECT Wireless PBX supplier in Taiwan, with products including "Single cell/multi-line DECT WPBX" suitable for SOHO and residential market and "multi-cell DECT adjunct WPBX " suitable for enterprise segment
Location:  Hall 26, Stand A60(2)

Location:  Hall 17, Stand A38

Location:  Hall 17, Stand B16

Bang & Olufsen
Location:  Hall 17, Stand D37

Exhibiting iF ( Industrie Forum Design - Hannover) DECT Residential Phone series KAAN 901, with premium features including Numerical & Full Graphic Handsets and Base Stations with or without Digital Answering Machine. Also introducing KAAN WIREX analog add-on DECT Business System featuring up to 32 cordless extensions & up to 8 base stations, to cover small to medium scale enterprises.
Location:  Hall 17, Stand C53

Location:  Hall 17, Stand D56

Location:  Hall 15, Stand D14

DECT Forum
Location: Hall 17, Stand B64

Location:  Hall 17, Stand F16

Location:  Hall 26, Stand D68

FUN Communications
Location:  Hall 6, stand A48/817
FUN's DECT cordless modem for Palm V makes it possible to use the mobile Palm V in different trades like catering trade, facility management or logistics. Due to its lean design and its low weight the PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) fits in any shirt pocket.

Location:  Hall 17, Stand G05/1

Location:  Hall 17, Stand E15

Integrated Silicon Systems, ISS
ISS IP (Intellectual Property, not Internet Protocol !) Catalog featuring Application-Specific Virtual Components (ASVCs) for DECT ASIC/FPGA designs, including 64-channel ADPCM cores and Reed Solomon cores.
Location:  Hall 5, Stand F06 (IDB stand)

Hoft & Wessel
Showing their DECT module HW86010 and DataGate HW8660 (DECT basestation with network TCP/IP connectivity).
To arrange a meeting at the show e-mail them at
Location:  Hall 19, Stand C14

Location:  Hall 15, Stand G36

Kirk Telecom
Location: Hall 17, Stand F61
dect-z System 1500 - A number of new applications
DECT Handsets - The new designs, the multitude of features and the functionalities.
DECT Link Card - Using the link card to increase system capacity.
New dect-z System 500 KIRK - introduces a number of new possibilities 
DECT/GAP Voice/Data Module - wireless transmission of voice/data
DECT/ISDN Data Application -  combining ISDN with the DECT standard
DECTMAIL - See your e-mails on your handset.
IP Interface Card  - Service and maintenance via the internet.

Krusell International AB
Location: Hall 25, Stand D78/6
Unique patended multi holder system for mobile-, wireless- and DECT-phones.

LG Electronics
Location:  Hall 12, Stand C27

Location:  Hall 17, Stand E33

Martens Communication
Location:  Hall 26, Stand F40

Location:  Hall 24, Stand F23

National Semiconductor
Location:  Hall 13, Stand C52

Location:  Hall 1, Stand 6c2

Location:  Hall 12, Stand C36

Location:  Hall 15, Stand B64

Location:  Hall 14, Stand H44
Location:  Hall 26, Stand C53

Location:  Hall 26, Stand C68

DECT phones – the new Gigaset 3000 family
3000Micro – the smallest DECT phone of the Gigaset series
Cordless Internet – 3070isdn, M105Data
DECT modules - including the incredible Gigaset SIMcard
More details on the newspage
Siemens at CeBIT
Location: Hall 26, Stand D40

Having just announced their intention to launch their own-brand DECT products in the UK and Germany, VTech will be debuting these products at CeBIT.
Location: Hall 17, Stand C62

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