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Innovative DECT Products

Listed below are unusual derivatives of DECT that   innovative companies have developed that don't seem to fit elsewhere.  If you know of others, please let us know.

Audiotel Engineering

AUDIOTEL Engineering designs and realizes leading-edge equipments and systems for wireless telecommunications, mainly for the industrial market. A structure dedicated to design, industrialization and to engineering test manages, in partnership with qualified manufacturing companies, the production of devices and systems. A strong sales structure, guarantees an adequate pre-post sales support.

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) System
Wireless system for AMR (automated meter reading) applicable to water, gas and electricity using GSM, GPRS, DECT and Satellite technologies. Suitable for advance management of utilities and multiutilities billing, logistic, purchasing & marketiug strategies and to feed data into the utility CRM systems.

Bosch Security Systems 
Company website
Bosch Security Systems/BU Communication Systems designs, manufactures, and supports a broad range of communications and security products.

Personal security with location detection over DECT
Bosch Security Systems was the first supplier to integrate personal security features in a DECT system. The personal security feature includes the possibility to generate manual alarms. Active security is guaranteed by checks by the central whether the mobile is still functioning within the system. On the other hand the PS mobile checks whether the central is performing the scan calls. Location detection is based on base stations and low frequency beacons, which provides a much higher accuracy. More information can be found at

Company Website
CeoTronics is a provider of communication headsets and systems to be used in difficult environmental working conditions.

CT-DECT (wireless full duplex communication) - Applications: General industry, Building sites, Engine testing, Power plants, State authorities, Law enforcement, special forces, Rescue services, Fire brigades,  Control stations, Movie and television sets, Aircraft handling. Features: Mobile duplex communication for several people simultaneously, 3 mobile participants without a fixed station, speech clarity, Automatic channel selection, Automatic log-in after loss of connection, Transmit distance: approx. 200 m (220 yd), Automatic out-of-range warning, Simultaneous transmission of audio, videov and data signals, No disturbing cables, Control of PC and machinery, Wireless video conferencing. Download PDF.

Eatoni Ergonomics
Company Website
Eatoni is a maker of predictive text entry solutions for handheld devices, whose mission is the ubiquitous facilitation of text entry using reduced keyboards such as the telephone keypad.

LetterWise Predictive Text. Eatoni have worked with a number of the major DECT phone companies. Including work on the Philips Onis 300, ALCATEL Versatis 1090, France Telecom Amarys 3400, Panasonic KX-TCD 755, Euro SMS Brondi, TopCom Butler 256.

Hoeft & Wessel
Company website
Also see their data-unwired range
Download a full overview of their data-unwired range (pdf)

DECT IP Gateway Basestations
1999 was the year that people talked about IP over DECT - and the year that some people also began to do something about it !  Hoeft & Wessel's new product the DataGate HW8660 is a DECT basestation with network connectivity, allowing full TCP/IP interworking and roaming between basestations, as with a normal voice system.  Clearly the kind of capability that such a product allows is profound - eg access to patient records in a hospital, access to inventory status in a warehouse etc.

Company Website

Internet Access DECT module
Inventel recently combined its last 2 break through products, the DECT email phone and the very small DECT module, into a single offer in order to connect devices on the internet over the air. The module is integrated into the device and brings voice plus data to the host while the DECT base is connected to the PSTN and makes a TCP/IP connection to any server on the internet.  This has great applications in home automation and blue tools.

PC-less e-mail with a DECT Phone
One to watch out for - Inventel, known creators of innovative new DECT products, have this one coming soon, a residential DECT phone that allows you to read your e-mails at home without a PC.

Smart Card Reader Phones
Inventel is a French based design house and manufacturer of Radiocommunication products who have developed a range of DECT phones, the DG 10x, which feature
an integrated smart card reader which enables the phone directory of a cell phone to be loaded into the DECT handset. Looking to the future, of course, it also will permit many other applications - control of the phone bill, payment certification for home shopping, automatic access to servers, home banking, reload electronic wallet (e-cash) or prepaid cards, etc.

DECT Doorphone - Download Doorphone PDF

Macaron Button Phone 
Ideal safety product for the elderly or infirm  - with the press of a single button you can call the ones who care for you.
Download Macaron.PDF

Motocom Group
Company Website

Polisphone Version 2 & Armaphone Version 2- acts as a fixed radio on a motocycle using DECT technology. Remote control to the radios of service, basic installed on motorcycles, on networks, PN, GN, DN, PM, VLR, VITALR, TR, TRS. It is intended for use by national police forces, policemen, servicemen, administration as well as quite other civil, user using a fixed radio on its motorcycle.

Bosch Security Systems - Personal security with location detection over DECT
Bosch Security Systems is the first supplier which has integrated personal security features in a DECT system. The personal security feature includes the possibility to generate manual alarms. Active security is guaranteed by checks by the central whether the mobile is still functioning within the system. On the other hand the PS mobile checks whether the central is performing the scan calls. Location detection based on base stations and low frequency beacons which provides a much higher accuracy. More information can be found here 

Company website

Cordless Phone and Surf
Another bright idea from Sagem - the solution for both cordless phone and cordless Internet access
The DCP2530 product combines DECT technology with a data modem to produce a high-added-value cordless product which allows you to enjoy your freedom of movement, both for surfing the net from your computer, and for your telephone calls, wherever you are.

The data module attaches to your computer via the USB connector. Compatible with both Desktop and Laptop PCs, it allows the exchange of data by radio between PC and the DECT basestation. This compact and light module allows you to continue to surf the net from your computer within a 50 metre radius of your base. You can move your PC from room to room without telephone cable over the walls.

The DECT base is the core of the device. It comprises an Answering machine with 15 minutes of recording time, a V90 56 Kbps data modem, as well as the DECT voice and data communication management. It is possible to register up to 6 handsets or data modules onto the same base.

The GD900 DECT Electronic Payment Device
The SAGEM GD 900 is an electronic payment terminal designed to meet the needs of retail businesses, with a combination DECT and dual-band GSM bank telecommunications link and electronic purse interface.

The GD 900 offers payment solutions to merchants anytime anywhere, whether they are sedentary, itinerant or semi-itinerant. The dual-mode DECT / dual-band GSM radio link connects with bank processing centers allowing consumers to make payments in total security. The GD 900 provides access to:

- DECT short range digital wireless communications for local usage e.g. shops, hotels, restaurants
- GSM/DCS communications for itinerant or semi-itinerant merchants  e.g. sales representatives, taxi-drivers

Depending on the operatorsí roaming agreements, the GD 900 electronic payment terminal uses either GSM 900 or DCS 1800.

The GD 900 features a second screen and a second keypad for electronic purse applications. Practical and easy to use, the GD 900 payment terminal has a navigator for simplified access to the different functions, a currency converter and a built-in calculator.

Company website

Wireless Palmtop Computer
Siemens were showing their wireless palmtop computer concept product at CeBIT'99, based around their "Siemens DECT Engine MD32".   With the range of standard DECT phones, the wireless palmtop can be used for remote control, making telephone calls etc.
Read more about the Siemens MD32 on our Modules Page

Worldwide Digital Cordless Telecommunications
The Gigaset 2420 uses Worldwide Digital Cordless Telecommunications, WDCT, a DECT derivative aimed at markets where the 2.4 GHz band is available but the traditional DECT bands are not yet licensed for cordless telephony.  
November 1998 saw the launch of this product line by Siemens in North America.  
Visit their website for more information.

SIMpad SLC - SIMpad SLC includes a brilliant colour TFT touchscreen which shows a complete HTML page and provides access to any given server application.
SIMpad SLC comes with an integrated DECT module and thus seemlessly integrates into existing DECT networking environments such as HiPath Cordless Data and Gigaset 4170/75isdn.

Details of the whole Gigaset DECT range can be searched via the Siemens website.

Thrane & Thrane 
Company website

DECT access to Satphones
Thrane & Thrane are offering a DECT telephone as an optional accessory with their CAPSAT TT-3080A M4 Messenger satphone - a standard Mini-M voice terminal for use with the Inmarsat mini-M system, supporting fax and data operation at 2.4 Kbps, as well as high speed data terminal with transmission rates up to 64Kbps. Accredited Solutions for TT-3080A.




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