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Wireless Card Reader & Data Terminals

DECT technology is at last being used to enable a wide range of non-telephony applications.  As these proliferate it's not yet so easy to separate the market and application segments.  Thus, if you're looking for products that falls into the category of wireless data terminals for shop, office and factory applications you may also wish to check out some other f pages of DECTweb, namely:

Innovations - some of these applications are certainly innovative, so check out our Innovations Page

General business ISDN DECT PABX type systems may be found on the Business Systems page  

Multimedia and Home Networking products - you may want to check out that page too

For enabling technology to create such products, check out the Modules Page

Hoeft & Wessel
Company website

Handheld data entry terminal with integrated laser scanner and DECT radio link.

Wireless DECT modem HW8045 - Supports full DECT data connectivity,standard RS232 interface, interworking of modem lead lines, easy to use, configuration through software.  

DataGate HW8660 - DECT basestation with network connectivity, allows TCP/IP connectivity and full roaming between basestations, as per a normal DECT voice telephone system.  The system allows TCP/IP connectivity for up to 8 DECT data terminals and is interoperable with all H&W DECT products and 3rd party equipment supporting ETS 300 699.  Based on a standard 486DX platform with Linux OS it permits flexible customisation and has external interfaces for additional peripherals. 

Company website
Inventel's DECT platform can run the S3 software for a wireless serial link to
easily create a cordless data terminal for a wide variety of wireless data applications.   

They also have a smart card reader telephone - see details on the Innovations Page

Thales Electronic System Solutions
Company Website
Thales Electronic Systems Solutions (TESS) is an exciting new system design services business currently located in Newbridge, near Edinburgh, Scotland. As part of the Thales group of companies, the organisation represents a further expansion of the successful Thales design services business currently operating throughout France and Germany

DECT Wireless Payment Terminal - Artema product is a DECT portable payment terminal.   It provides a high degree of immunity to radio interference generated by other sources (alarms, bar-code readers, cordless telephones, etc.). The digital radio link enables transactions to be completed without leaving the customer, even during a call to a bank authorization center. Artema incorporates a silent and fast printer with an innovative method of paper loading. Equipped with a 32-bit RISC microprocessor, Artema has a large memory capacity and the processing power for all current or future electronic payment applications. Artema provides a built-in multiple-application environment, a PC-based development tool, and dynamic authentication using a public key algorithm on Europay/Mastercard/Visa (EMV) smart cards.

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