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Cordless Telecommunications Worldwide:

The Evolution of Unlicensed PCS

Set to become a standard reference work for the cordless industry worldwide - 536 pages of valuable and detailed information on these dynamic new markets and technologies sourced from acknowledged industry experts

Edited by Walter HW Tuttlebee

Published by Springer-Verlag

This comprehensive volume embraces all aspects of the rapidly growing global digital cordless telecommunications industry - unlicensed PCS - as it has developed in the 1990's.

Building on the foundation of an earlier bestseller, this book is essentially a major new work. It comprehensively describes the significant advances in European cordless markets, standards and technologies of the 1990's, as well as the major developments in Asia and North America.

The book is structured into four main sections. Each contains substantial contributions from internationally acknowledged industry experts - in DECT, PHS and unlicensed PCS - from across the globe. They address markets and applications, the regional standardisation processes and industry development, technology and implementation issues and technical summaries of the various regional standards. Click below to go to the detailed contents of each section.

Markets & Applications

Standardisation & Industry Development


Technical Standards

Containing a wealth of detailed technological and commercial information, this book is an essential reference for engineering and marketing staff in the unlicensed PCS / cordless industry in Europe, Asia and North America.

Forewords - what do others say about it ?

Alex Arena - Director General OFTA Hong Kong

Donald Cox - Stanford University, USA

Jorgen Richter - DG XIII, European Commission

The Contributors

Discover the backgrounds of the key figures and pioneers in the world of wireless telecommunications who have contributed to this major new work

Obtain a copy ? 

What do all those acronyms in the field of cordless telecommunications and unlicensed PCS mean ? Glossary

We gratefully acknowledge Springer-Verlag for permission to reproduce extracts from the book "Cordless Telecommunications Worldwide", as well as the suppliers of photographs included on this site, credited separately on the relevant pages.
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