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This page kindly sponsored by  
RTX Telecom A/S, OEM Solutions for DECT, 2.4GHz, Bluetooth & CDMA


Design Solutions

Several companies are now  licensing complete DECT hardware designs, in most cases with software - for handsets, basestations and other applications.  Amongst these are the companies listed below.  If you know of others, please advise us.  

Several companies are now offering hardware and software modules independently of design services, although usually these are also available if needed.  For info on these:
    DECT hardware modules may be found on out Modules page
    DECT protocol software may be found on the Protocol Software page

Ascalade Communications Inc
Company website

Ascalade Communications Inc (previously Arkon Networks) offers design consultancy and technical services in wireless technology & design licensing, product development, engineering, and OEM manufacturing liaison all with specific focus on DECT.

DECT & WDCT reference designs for various geographical markets are available.
Argon 1.8GHz DECT non-GAP | low end
Xenon 1.8GHz DECT GAP | mid range
Krypton 1.8GHz DECT GAP | high end
Radon 1.9GHz DECT GAP | China PRC
Neon 2.4GHz WDCT | mid range

Company website

Development of DECT Solutions

Company Website
Bithium is a company focused on wireless communications. The company has strong experience in DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications), being among the first to develop and deliver DECT based data communication solutions back in 1998.

2.4GHz and non-blind slot DECT solutions for the US market. These are also DECT based solutions that can either be used to carry voice only, data only or voice and data communications.
Non-blind slot DECT solutions are based on their DPRS/DMAP stack and are adapted to the customers specific needs.

Project Development - help can be provided in  reduced cost wireless communications devices. 

Cambridge Consultants (AD Little)
DECT reference designs
Handset & basestation reference designs
RF reference designs
DECT in other standard bands
DECT-type solutions in non-standard bands, where full mobility and low power consumption are required
Professional applications of DECT

ECCT (European Communications Consultancy Team)
Company Website
ECCT (European Communications Consultancy Team), founded in 1993 in Eindhoven the Netherlands, as a pre-qualification house for Philips Consumer Electronics, concentrated on testing and approbation activities for telecom terminal equipment in the European countries. In 1995 a development team was set up, consisting of engineers who had many years of experience in telecom engineering at Philips Semiconductors. Since that time we have built up a lot of experience with DECT developments.

Our activities are:
Development - Hardware and software development of telecommunication terminals, such as cordless telephones (DECT, CT0, CT1), digital answering machines, Bluetooth and wireless LAN applications.

Testing - Inhouse pre-qualification and guidance through the electronic and acoustical verification process (TBR6,TBR10, TBR21, TBR38, TBR22, EMC and safety testing). We modify and adapt equipment such that it passes all specification parameters in case of failures.

Consultancy -  in the areas of product definition, electronic design and manufacturing.

Fraunhofer IIS
Company website

Fraunhofer IIS offers a range of services to its customers:
* Consulting- advice on the introduction or development of DECT technology
* Measurement - bit-error-rate-measurement in the target environment, for example
* Licensing of hard- and software -  either ready-made OEM-products or as a source code for  own developments.
* Customized developments and adaptations
* Prototypes and small-volume production - in cooperation with the Innovation Centre for Telecommunication Technology GmbH (IZT) which is part of the Fraunhofer group manufacturing of prototypes and small- to medium-volume production.

Customer-specific work is done on the basis of a research and development contract, involving an offer with fixed price, scope of work and a time schedule, based on the general terms and conditions of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft.   Access to existing know-how or hard- and software is provided within the framework of a licensing agreement involving either an up-front payment or a royalty per unit. Both types of contract are used if, for example, existing know-how is adapted to specific customer requirements.

Hoeft & Wessel
Company website
Also see their data-unwired range
Download a full overview of their data-unwired range (pdf)

HW 86910 DECT Evaluation Kit is a development environment for DECT transceiver modules of type HW 86010. It contains all necessary hard- and software components for setting up a data communication between two PCs (not included) for configuration and testing purposes of DECT transceiver modules of the type HW 86010. For details see:
Integration Manual Version 1.21 pdf (821K), Firmware Manual Version 1.02 pdf (585K), Software Manual DECT Evaluation Pilot Version 2.01 pdf (605K).

NSM Technology Ltd
Company website
Started as a Joint Venture between National Semiconductor and a Hong Kong local manufacturer, NSM has now become an independent company supplying DECT products to ODM and OEM customers.

DECT Design Solutions

NSM provides product development & support/consulting of any manufacturing issues that may arise during wireless manufacturing. Experience covers wide spectrum of wireless products which include DECT cordless phone, 2.4GHz cordless phone, 2.4GHz multi-cell multi-line wireless PBX, Bluetooth USB Dongle, Bluetooth RS-232 dongles and wireless headsets.

Company website
Plextek is a communications consultancy which has been involved in DECT from the beginning. The first type approved DECT product, approved in 1992, was designed and developed by Plextek. Plextek is still active in the DECT market, offering clients a full range of services, through to volume manufacture. The latest product which Plextek has been involved with is the Uni210, a domestic product, manufactured by Unico Technology in the Malaysia.

Having recognised that the high cost of entry is preventing many new players from entering the DECT market, Plextek offers a Fast Track service. See DECT Solutions.

Pride Telecom Ltd
Company Website
DECT Design house for Infineon & Philips solution and manufacturer having sub-contract factory in China

DECT(1.8GHz) / WDCT(2.4GHz) - High quality & looks different design. Competitive price provided.

Raycomm Electronics Limited
Company website
specializes in the design, development and integration of advanced software and electronics, typically for real-time embedded systems in the communications and other hi-tech industries. Established in 1995 by a group of leading consultants, the company has in-depth experience writing software and developing electronic systems. Specialists in SDL and embedded C/C++, they also program in C#, Java and Assembler, and undertake electronic design.

Raycomm offer DECT experience including developing protocol stacks, ensuring GAP compliance and creating products with existing modules using both voice and data.  They offer a full range of services from feasibility studies to complete product design.

RTX Telecom      
Company website
RTX3002 MkII - a complete GAP compliant handset and base station designed based on the National Semiconductor ships LMX3161, SC14404/5, and SC14424. The RTX3002 MkII design is an of-the-shelf DECT solution ready to be wrapped in plastic. A project with RTX Telecom ensures a state of the art product that is ready for mass production. It includes type approval for a customer give country, easy test specification for mass production, training and assistance in setting up the most optimal mass production.

The RTX3002 MkII can be delivered with a variety of options; i.e. Flash TAD, CLIP, 7-segment or Dot Matrix displays. On top of that RTX can tailor the telephone to the specific needs of the customer. This could include items like headset, hands-free handset and/or base station, specific RF solutions, and many other features. All of course implemented with an optimal Bill of Material.

It also now features the CTM Access Profile as an option and a version with Chinese character and frequencies support.

DPRS DECT Data solution.   Demonstrated at DECT2000 and with product availability announced February 2000, the RTX DPRS solution offers up to 552 kb/s bandwidth-on-demand over wireless, with traditional DECT ranges and optimal spectrum usage.

ISDN OEM Solution:

Hardware specifications:
  6 handset, 1 external calls and 2 internal call
    Temperature range 10
C to 35C
    Receiver Sensitivity typ. 93dBm and minimum 90dBm @ 10-3 BER.

Software specifications
MSN/DDI/SUB (MSN/Direct Dialing In/SubAdd.)
MWI (Message Waiting Indication)

CFU (Call Forward Unconditional)
AOC-E (Advice Of Charge End of call)

 Internal Base supported services (Not ISDN Services*)
        CW (Call Waiting)
        HOLD (HOLD)
        ECT (Explicit Call Transfer)
        3PTY (Three Party Conference)
* Note : CW, HOLD, ECT , 3PTY and several other services can also be implemented as ISDN services

Type Approvals -  CTR 3,  CTR 6, CTR 10, CTR 22,  LVD, EMC

S3 - Silicon and Software Systems
Company website /
S3 has wide ranging experience in DECT Product Development. In particular  Silicon ASIC design,  Integrated Software Solutions and Hardware Systems Development.

Thales Electronic System Solutions
Company Website
Thales Electronic Systems Solutions (TESS) is an exciting new system design services business currently located in Newbridge, near Edinburgh, Scotland. As part of the Thales group of companies, the organisation represents a further expansion of the successful Thales design services business currently operating throughout France and Germany

DECT & DECT at 2.4GHz Protocol S/W IP
Thales ESS can provide Handset and Basestation DECT and DECT in the 2.4GHz ISM band protocol s/w in source code or as a relocatable hex library to incorporate into Customer products.

DECT & DECT at 2.4GHz Design Services
The DECT Design Services engineering team at TESS have many years DECT and telecommunications product experience and can provide the knowledge required to incorporate DECT technology into diverse product areas.

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